Astrology Consulting Services

Astrological consultation with astrologer Raju Saha is very private and confidential service for you. It is a unique and life-changing experience for you to get your birth horoscope analysed and discussed with your life problems. All consultation is provided through email, telephone or over whatsapp.

Our different astrological consultation services are:

  1. Annual (yearly) horoscope prediction.
  2. Astrology consultation service for life problems.
  3. Education, career astrology.
  4. Foreign Travels, relocation astrology.
  5. Health & disease astrology.
  6. Wealth, Income and finances astrology.
  7. Love & marriage astrology.
  8. Astro Vastu consultation.
  9. Astro numerology service.
  10. Horary Prashna Astrology (without birth time)

To take our astrological consultation service, you have to fill up our enquiry form. Then we send you a form through email. You have to fill the detail on this form and send us and make payment on our bank a/c.After payment, we give you date & time for consultation. Due to heavy demand of our astrology service, the minimum service processing time taken by Mr Raju Saha 3-7 days.