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Student’s Education And Career Astrology

Parents are worried about their children’s education & career. Student’s are confused about their career selection. What should I do? Which career path is best for me? Should I go for engineering, medical or law?

These Questions are common in all parent & students mind. Education & Career Astrology have the answer to all these questions. In our student’s Education & career astrology service is designed to solve Parents & students Education & Career related quarried.

We believe a student should take his/her education, on the basis of the student’s future profession. Astrology helps us to understand the student’s future profession. An example: a student’s horoscope making a good combination in civil engendering field if he studies software engineering it will not help him in his future career. So the analysis of future profession is important when we guide a student in education astrology.

How we help student’s in education & career astrology service?

We help to identify the best career options for a student.

Choosing the right education stream.

Helping students succeed in competitive exams.

Provide astrological solutions for success in the exam.

Help to improve student’s focus & concentration.

Scoring good marks in the exam. Etc..


INR 1500 for all payment made in India and USD 25 for all clients request service outside India for a single horoscope.


Please perform the following steps to get education and carrier astrology consultation service from astrologer Raju Saha.

Step 1: Make Payment. Click here for Service payment details.

Step 2: Fill up the Astrology Consultation Service Form and Submit. Click here

Step 3: In the message box of the Form, write down, what are you studying now & what are your career goals in full detail.

Service processing time is 7-10 days.

Only telephone consultation is provided for 30-45 minutes with prior mutually convenient time. Birth chart is provided in advance. Telephone discussion is advice to be recorded. we don’t provide any recording.

For international clients, they can take our service through Whatsapp call.