About Me

Hi! I am Raja. I am the Founder of Vastu Earth and I am really passionate about sharing the benefits of Vastu and Astrology with others so they can be empowered to create spaces that feel better and live the best life.

I believe that a space that feels good can exponentially impact all areas of life in a positive way. This belief comes from my personal experiences in using Vastu, astrology and watching many clients benefit from it too.

I have always interest about science and spiritual subjects. In my college life, I use to do meditation and visit different spiritual places one day I find a book on Vastu in an ashram. I read that book It increases my curiosity to know more about this subject. Them time passed I meet with many Vastu Shastra

Experts & guru’s to learn Vastu Shastra and practice with them. I am certified from India’s famous Vastu teaching academies and institutes.

When I work with my clients I bring the practicality of real,

Functional living into every area of my work. I like to combine my knowledge of Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, geopathy, color therapy, chakra healing to empower clients to craft spaces that are comfortable, functional, supportive of achieving their desire and inspiring.

I offer private Vastu consultations for your house, flat, bungalow, Office, institutions, hospital, factories & Industry To bring prosperity, health, happiness & love.