Vastu for Home

Residential/Home Vastu Services in Kolkata by Vastu Earth

Vastu Earth is offering residential vastu consultancy services in Kolkata for house and flats. Our home vastu expert is very much educated & can suggest you the best solutions. The most attractive part is: the price starts with low package & you can book us at any time, we will be right there within time.

What is Home Vastu or Residential Vastu?

Residential or home vastu is the techniques which help us to understand the reason of those problem which we face in our life and give us solution of these problems and to achieve our life goals by balancing the five elements and invisible energies of our home, which are constantly effecting our body and mind.

The effect of home vastu or residential vastu in our life

From ancient scripts to modern days research, home vastu expert understand, vastu effect all aspect of our life. When our home or flat or living space have positive energies of the earth and the balance of five elements (water, air, fire, earth and space) then we get benefit in all aspects of our life. The benefits of positive vastu at our home are:

  • Enjoy good health
  • Get new opportunities in your life
  • Peace of mind and well being
  • Increase creativity and success in life
  • Creative thinking and good decision making
  • Stability in life
  • Good relationship with society, attract good people in life
  • Get financial freedom
  • Get recognition & loyalty
  • Enjoy restful and refreshing sleep
  • Good relationship & family bonding
  • Increase profit and gains
  • Fulfilment of all desires


When our home is not built as per vastu rules and energy of the house is not balanced the we face many problems like :

  • Suffering from bad health
  • Suffering from bad health
  • Getting financial losses
  • Take wrong decisions
  • Anxiety, depression and illness
  • Break down of family bonding
  • Disharmony in relationship
  • Anti-social behaviour and even criminal tendency
  • Drug addictions
  • Obstacles to progress and success
  • Accident and fire losses
  • Lack of creativity, dullness, constant fatigue
  • miscarriage in pregnancy
  • Mental Restlessness, No Peace of Mind


These are the some effect of bad vastu at our home or living place. But good news is that, we can change our life and over come from these bad vastu effect by rectifying our residential vastu. Modern vastu rectification is so simple easy to apply without changing any structural changes in you house, and these techniques are very effective & powerful.

When To contact Mr. Raju Saha – the residential vastu Expert in Kolkata?

  • When you are planning to buy a new plot for your home.
  • When you constructing a new building.
  • When you renovating you flat or home.
  • When you are facing a different kind of problem again and again, then you should check you home vastu.

Basic Vastu analysis of you home

  • a. Find auspicious vastu entrance.
  • b. Analysis of 16 vastu zones.
  • c. Rooms, kitchen, bedroom, toilet etc.
  • d. Balancing five elements in home.
  • e. Analysis of interior design & different objects of home

Basic Vastu + Geopathy analysis of your home.

  • a Basic vastu analysis.
  • b. Geopathy analysis.

Basic + numero vastu + geopathy analysis of your home.

  • a.Basic vastu analysis..
  • b.Geopathy analysis.
  • c.Numero vastu analysys.

3. Personalized vastu analysis.

  • a.Basic vastu analysis.
  • b.Numerovastu analysis.
  • c.Geopathy analysis.
  • d.Body energy analysis.