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Why Mirror Facing the Front Door of Your House or Office is not Good?

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what happened when mirror facing front door of your home or office?

The mirror is one of the important tools in Vastu Shastra. The mirror is used as a remedy in Vastu Shastra. You can use the mirror to shift the flow of energy at you living space. With the proper placement of mirror, you can increase the energy flow of your home or office, so it is important to follow the rules of vastu before placing mirror any place of your home & office. If you place a mirror at wrong vastu zone it will create the problem in your life. So it is important to place a mirror at right direction & vastu zone.

Mirror come under the water element, so north is the best direction to place mirror. We can place the mirror at east direction also.

There is two bad placement of the mirror in your home:

  • 1st when you place a mirror directly in line with your front door.
  • 2nd when your bed is facing directly to the mirror.

Now, try to understand why the mirror is not good when its place in line with your front door?

Front door or main door of the house is very important in Vastu. The front door of the house absorbs the positive energy for your house. When a house has good positive energy circulation, then the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well being and get growth in their life.

Mirror has a feature of reflecting light & energy. When you have a mirror facing the front door, it reflects all the positive energies which come through the front door. This is the reason your home don’t get proper positive energy flow & the mirror facing the front door is not recommended.

If you have a mirror facing the front door at your home or office then you should remove it from this place to improve the energy quality of your living space.

But some houses have fixed mirror at home or office, they can’t remove these mirror. In this case, you have to follow some simple vastu solutions to reduce the bad effect of the mirror.

Here some simple vastu solutions to solve this problem:

  • You can cover the mirror with some decorative stickers, which looks good and also reduce the bad effect of the mirror.
  • You can stick huge beautiful painting over the mirror, these will cover the maximum part of the mirror.
  • Large green plants, you can use to cover the mirror, this will also reduce the bad effect of the mirror facing the front door.

You can use more creative ideas with the help of home vastu expert in Kolkata to solve this problem and you will attract more positive energy at your vastu home or office.

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The South Facing Door Colour

How To Choose Your Front Door Colour

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Vastu for Your Main Door Colour

Front door or main door of the house is very important in Vastu. The front door of the house absorbs the positive energy for your house. When a house has good positive energy circulation, then the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well being and get growth in their life.

In Vastu Shastra, the selection of the colour of the main door depends on the direction of the front door and that direction related element.

Main door colour for the east facing door:

East Facing Main Door Color

The element of the east direction is air element or wood element. So, if you have a front door facing east direction, then you can attract good vastu energy in your home by painting any colour of air element. The colours of air element or wood element are any shade of green colour and brown colour. In east facing main door green and brown, both colours can be used.

Main door colours for the southeast facing door:

Main Door Colours For The Southeast Facing Door

Southeast direction is associated with the energy of money and wealth. This is the direction of the fire element. So, if your front door is facing the south-east direction you should use fire element colours to attract the energy of money & wealth at your home. Colours of fire element are all shade of red, pink and orange.

Best colour for the south facing door:

The South Facing Door Colour

The element of the south-facing door is similar to a southeast facing the door. Both south facing and southeast facing doors are fire element door. So, the colours of both facing doors are similar, colours are all shade of red, pink magenta or orange.

Improve love with southwest door colour:

The energy of southwest direction is associated with love and relationship. So, the colour of the southwest front door of your house also affects your love & relationship. Earth element brings stability in your relationship and this is also the element of southwest direction. So you should use all shade of yellow colour.

Increase your gains west facing door colour:

West Facing Door Colour

The element of west direction is space element or a metal element. The energy of west direction is associated with gains and profitability. To attract more gains & profitability you should use space elements colours at your west facing the main door. Space element colours are white, off-white and grey.

Best colour for northwest facing door:

Northwest Facing Door Colour

The element of the northwest direction is same as west direction, space or a metal element. This direction gives you support of helpful people. So, get good support from people you should use white, grey and off-white colour at your northwest facing the front door.

Attract new opportunities with north facing door:

North Facing Door Colour

North direction is associated with new opportunities. To attract new opportunities in your home use the colours related to the water element.Water element is the element of north direction. The colour of water element is all shade of blue and black.

Colour for northeast facing door:

northeast facing door colour

The energy of northeast direction is associated with mental clarity and spirituality. The element of this direction is earth element. So you should use earthy colours and yellow colour.

In Vastu Shastra, colours are very important. Every colour is associated with an element. Colours are used to balance the energy of elements. So, you should use colours very carefully.

For more information, contact renowned residential vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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How to use water fountain in your home or office for more growth & prosperity?

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Fountains bring positive vastu energies at your home or office.

The water fountain is one of the popular vastu remedies, in ancient India. water fountains are used at palaces in India. These water fountains come in any size, shapes, and materials. Fountains are used indoor and outdoor both places.

Water fountains are not only increasing the beauty of any place, it also increases the power of water element of the house. If water element is disturbed, then water fountain work as a cure. The energy of water element is the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

How water fountain work?

In sea beaches and waterfalls, we get negative ions. Negative ions help us to enhance our mood, stimulate senses, improve appetite and sexual drive, provide relief from allergies, migraines etc.

When we place a water fountain at our home or office then that place quantity of negative ions is increased and positive ions decreased. As a result, we get good health.

But we can’t place water fountain anywhere.  We have to concede the vastu rules before placing water fountain at home and office.

Finding the Best direction for fountain:

The best vastu directions for water fountain are

  • North direction: north is the direction of water element, this is an auspicious direction for a fountain. Placing a fountain in this direction brings new opportunities, growth in business, success.
  • East direction: East is the direction of the air element. This is also an auspicious direction for a fountain. Placing a fountain in this direction bring brilliant thoughts, harmony in the family, good social relationship, fun in life.

    How to use water fountain to gain more benefit?

  • Placing a fountain in front of the entrance of your home or office is beneficial.
  • If you place a fountain outside of your home, then make sure the water flow towards your home.
  • You can use fountain at north for career growth.
  • If you want to gain good health you should place the fountain in the north-north east zone.
  • If a water fountain place at the office, it will help to reduce stress and give power.
  • Using crystals and essential oil at you fountain will double the energy benefit.
  • The fountain water should be clean on regular basis.
  • In you, water fountain water should flow freely without any obstacles.
What to avoid:
  • You should not keep 2 fountains at the entrance. It will bring negative result.
  • The fountain should not block or make any obstacle at your entrance.
  • The fountain is a water element, never place it fire and earth element directions.
  • Avoid placing it in the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing it in your kitchen.
  • Fountain should not place under staircases.
  • Never keep a broken fountain at your home.
  • Make you fountain clutter free.

These all you need to take care while you are placing a water fountain at your home or office.

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Vastu tips to bring harmony into your family life.

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Some simple and easy way of vastu to bring harmony into your home.

Many people asked us, can vastu help them to bring more harmony into their family life? Can vastu help them to get a loving, harmonious & full of the positive energetic home where everyone is benefited?

Good news is it can be possible using simple & easy Vastu tips at your home.

The primary goal of Vastu Shastra is to bring harmony among the five elements of your home. When five elements of any place are balanced than the inhabitant of that place experience good health, love, and well-being. If the habitant’s of any home don’t feel happy in their home, that means there is something imbalance at their home.

Now here, I discuss some simple vastu tips which help you to bring harmony into your family life.

  1. Images of your happy family:

Happy images of your family members help you to bring happiness to your family life. East of the northeast zone of your home is responsible to bring fun and happiness at your home. If you place images of your family members in this zone it will help you to bring happiness to your life.

  1. Water fountain brings positive energy:

The water fountain is one of the popular vastu remedies. This is used in much vastu cure. Fountain brings the energy of water element, which gives wealth and prosperity. When you place water fountain in the east direction of your home, then it helps to improve your social connectivity.

You should clean water fountain regularly. Avoid keeping water fountain in your bedroom.

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  1. A good bedroom :

A  good vastu in your bedroom is very important, to improve your relationship, harmonize the flow of nourishing, vibration and sensual energy. If your bedroom is cluttered and not arranged properly, then it creates quarrel in your family. So, to bring harmony in your home bed room should be fresh, clean and well organized.

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  1. Geopathic stress level at your home:

To get a successful result in Vastu Shastra, you must consider this factor. 100 years ago this factor is not so important. But these days the electromagnetic pollution level is much higher than past 100 years. So, you should check geopathic stress level of your home to bring the harmony of your family life.

  1. Balance the 5 elements :

To bring harmony to your life you should balance the 5 elements at your home. Apply five element theory to decorate your home.

These are some simple and powerful vastu tips to bring good health, wealth & harmony in your family life.

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Vastu tips for the placement of shoe rack at your home.

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Many people have a confusion about shoe rack,  Where to place a shoe rack at home?

In Vastu Shastra, we find a proper guideline for the placement of shoe rack at home. According to astrology, our footwear’s are related to planet Saturn. In Vastu Shastra the direction of planet Saturn is west direction, so placing a shoe rack in the west direction is good. As footwear’s are related to planet Saturn, so you have to care before pacing shoe rack any other place, if you don’t have a place to keep shoe rack in west direction.

Where should you not place shoe rack at your home?

  1. The main entrance to your home is the place from where you home get positive energy. A shoe rack should not place the exact front of the main door. It creates blockages to come positive energy at home.
  2. Shoe rack should not place in the bedroom of your house. Placing it in your bedroom can create negative impact at your married life.
  3. A shoe rack should not place at kitchen and prayer room.
  4. The north-east direction of your home is an auspicious place. This is the place for prayer. So, you should not place shoes in this place.
  5. North direction is the direction of new opportunities, placing shoe rack in this place can create hurdles in your career.
  6. East is the direction of social association and connectivity. You should not place shoes in this direction also.
  7. Southeast direction is the direction of cash flow, this direction is not good for placing shoe rack.

Where to keep shoe rack at your home?

  1. The best direction to keep shoe rack at your home is west and south-west direction.
  2. You can keep shoe rack, outside of the entrance door.
  3. South-west corner of your living room is a good place to keep shoe rack.
  4. You should keep your shoe rack clean and well arranged. An unclean shoe rack increases negative energy at your home.
  5. You should close the shoe rack or cabinet. Which do not allow negativity to spread your home.

These are some simple & effective Vastu tips, which help you, to make your home positive & bring prosperity to your life.

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Placement of fish aquarium in your home or office to attract wealth.

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Fish aquarium is a beautiful and a powerful vastu remedies. It attracts the power of wealth and abundance. Placing an aquarium in right place in your home or office will attract positive energies which help to attract wealth and happiness.

In Vastu Shastra the balance of five elements is important. In a good vastu aquarium, all five elements are present in different forms and they are balanced.

  1. An aquarium water element is present as a water.
  2. Green plants are air element, which is present in the aquarium.
  3. The bright red colour fishes in aquarium represent fire element.
  4. The small rocks and gravel at the bottom of an aquarium is the element of earth.
  5. The structure of the aquarium is space element.

The placement of an aquarium is very important, when it places correct location then it brings growth, prosperity, wealth and happiness. But if it places in the wrong place it ruined happiness. The best place to keep an aquarium is east of the southeast direction. But you can keep the aquarium in east and north direction.

Benefits of an aquarium in your home or office:

  1. In medical researchers, it found that an aquarium help to reduce high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and many more diseases.
  2. An aquarium help to eliminate negative and evil energies and increase lots of positive energy at your home.
  3. Health and active fishes in your aquarium attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  4. An aquarium help to solve the Vastu defects of your home or office.
  5. Observing fishes in an aquarium will reduce your stress level and bring peace to mind.

Vastu tips for fish aquarium:

  1. An aquarium should be a good combination of Arowana or goldfish.
  2. Healthy and ornamental fishes should keep in the aquarium.
  3. The auspicious number of fishes in a fish tank is nine.
  4. In an aquarium a black fish is important. Blackfish neutralize bad luck.
  5. If any fish dies naturally, then replace it with a new healthy fish.
  6. Clean your aquarium regularly.
  7. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom.
  8. In a kitchen, you should not place an aquarium.
  9. Living room or drawing room is the best place to keep an aquarium.
  10. The best direction to place an aquarium is east of the southeast, east and north.

These are some effective Vastu tips for a fish aquarium.

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How to position a wall clock in your home for good vastu?

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In each and every house there are clocks to know the time. We usually hang the wall clock where it is comfortable to look. But we don’t think about, whether that position of the clock is right or wrong. I like to tell you, in Vastu Shastra, there have some rules and regulations to keep different objects in some particular place to get the benefits of good vastu home or office. You should take care of some vastu rules when you place a clock in your home or office.

In Vastu Shastra directions are important. If you place a wall clock right position or direction then it brings prosperity and growth to your life. On the other hand, if you place it in a wrong position, then it brings ill effects in your life.

Vastu guidelines for wall clocks in your home or office
  1. To attract new opportunities, wealth and money you should hang a clock in the north direction.
  2. You can place a clock in east direction but, don’t display metal body clock in this direction.
  3. West direction is the best place to keep a metal clock.
  4. A clock should always hang inside of the house.
  5. The clock should be always working condition. If a clock stops then repair or replace it.
  6. A clock should be clean regularly.
  7. Always a clock should be at the right time or 1-2 min ahead of right time.
  8. In your bedroom, you should place wall clock, such that you can see it from the bed when you weak up.
What you should avoid placing a wall clock:
  1. A Wall clock should not place outside of your home.
  2. A wall clock should not hang above any door.
  3. Wall clock should not place in front of the front door when anybody entire the home first he should not see the wall clock.
  4. Wall clock should not place in south direction.
  5. Don’t keep a broken or stopped the clock in your home.
  6. A clock should never be behind the time.
  7. Don’t keep a glass broken wall clock in your home or office. It attracts negative energy.
  8. A wall clock in your bedroom should not reflect your bed.

These are some useful information about wall clock. which you should take care of when you place a wall clock in your home or office.

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Vastu tips for Career Success

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Vastu has many tips and cures, which help you to achieve your career goals and get success. Using Vastu tips you can easily attract positive energies which give you success in your life. For your career success, it is important that both your home and office have to have good positive energy because your personal energy is connected to both your home and your office.
You have to look into the basics of Vastu, to implementing vastu cures and tips for career success.

You need to have this knowledge in order to create a solid foundation for any other Vastu cures to really work long term.
To use Vastu for career success, you will have to very clear on two things:
How will the overall energy of success feel and appearance to you? However, can your home and office modification once you have got the success you want? Don’t enable any blocking thoughts to remain in your mind that you need more money in order to make a Vastu space for success. This is often not true. An area that is clean, fresh and free of clutter has nothing to do with having more money, but it does reflect a personality that is clear in what it wants and it ready to go for it.

What will the specific energy of career success in your field look like? You need to create a strong visual anchor in order to attract more career success by being very clear on how ever this energy is expressed in your specific career.
For an example, if you are a painter, use photo of successful painters, images of their best creations that you like, keep these in your home and work place. This is an example, as you are the only one who knows best what your dream of.
After you invest some energy characterizing these two important Vastu factors for your profession achievement, pick Vastu tips and cures from the list below and make certain to apply them in your home and in your office.

1. North direction: North is the direction of water element, this direction is connected to your career. So, if you are facing career related problems than the energy of your home or office north direction is disturbed. May be you keep dustbin, store or toilet is there. North direction should be clean. You can use green plants at your north direction that give you career growth.

2. East direction: East is the direction of the air element, this direction help you to connect with peoples or society. The East direction is very important to connect you with the rest of the world. Avoid stores in the east direction.

3. South-west direction: South-west is the direction of the earth element, earth element give you stability. Earth element helps you to improve your skills. When earth element of your home & office is balanced then you can use best of your skills. Avoid any water elements from south west directions, that badly affect your career.

4. North-west direction: North-west is the direction of the metal element, Northwest direction give you support. This direction can help you to attract many helpful people in your life. So, you should balance this direction for your career success.

5. South direction: south is the direction of the fire element, south direction gives you name, fame & recognition. So this direction is very important for your career growth & success. Make sure your south direction is balanced for your success.
You can keep a red flower vase in the south to increase the energy of south direction.

So after following two steps and balancing five directions of five elements in your home and office you can get more success and attract new opportunities in your life.

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