Explore Vastu Facts to Make West Facing House/Flat Auspicious

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West Facing Door Colour

Explore Vastu Facts to Make West Facing House/Flat Auspicious


When it is all about choosing a new home, most of the people go for east facing or north facing homes. The west facing home is considered less auspicious to most of the people. The west facing homes are considered auspicious but in the third position.

Simple Vastu tips for West Facing Homes

Though, Vastu Shastra considers each of the corners auspicious. Vastu offers equal importance to four corners – east, west, north and south. If you have bought a west facing house then this article will offer the right west facing house Vastu tips. The west corner is controlled by Sugriva and pushpdant. The planet of the west direction is Saturn. Let us see the tips that help to make the west facing home prosperous and happy.

  1. The most auspicious entrance for west facing house is from 250- 270 degree. In this entrance west facing house give good result to its inhabitance.
  2. Make sure you do not choose the south-west corner to build the main door of your west facing home.
  3. Do not prepare a bore-well or water pump in the south-west direction.
  4. If you have a plan to buy west facing flat then make sure you will not go for any extension in the south or south-west corner. It is advised according to the west facing flat vastu
  5. Do not build the kitchen in the south-west direction of your west facing home.
  6. You can build a kitchen in the south-east corner in the home.
  7. You should not use green or red colour at your west facing the front door.
  8. You can build the room of your kids in the south or north-west direction of your home.
  9. You can use the north-west direction to build the guest room.
  10. Avoid making a bathroom in the south-west direction.
  11. It will be a great help if you put a photo of your guru above the entrance door, inside of your home.
  12. It is recommended not to keep green plants in front of a west facing plot.

Therefore, it is proven that building west facing house is good. moreover, the owner of west facing house can enjoy the same benefits like an owner of north or east or south facing home if he follows the above-mentioned rules properly.

Professional Aftermath

If you are engaged in the profession like preaching, coaching, teaching or in the corporate world then west facing home is the best option for you.


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