Vastu Remedies for East Facing Houses – Should be Maintained

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Vastu Remedies for East Facing Houses – Should be Maintained

Till in this modern age, people are many who provide importance to Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science of India. It is said, buildings are built based on Vastu provide auspicious results and it is proven in many senses.

Benefits of East Facing Property According Vastu

In this article, we are going to tell the benefits of purchasing the east facing house. If you are going to build a house facing east then the east facing house vastu tips should be followed. The Vastu tips not only help your bring fortune at your house but also you can prevent negativity enter your house. Let us see the tips that help you to earn fortune and prosperity at your east facing house.

  • Try to build the entrance of your east facing house to the center of the east or the north-east part of your plot. It is considered highly auspicious.
  • It will be better if you keep open space towards the east and north direction of your house.
  • You can create water body under north of your plot, but it should be towards the north-east direction.
  • If you have planned to provide a slope in your north-east facing property then the slope should be towards the north-east direction.
  • It would be beneficial to build low boundary towards north and east direction of your east facing house.
  • The wall should be long in height towards south and west direction of your plot.
  • If you are thinking to buy a T-junction plot then you should stop here. This type of plot is not suitable to build house, whether east/west/north/south facing.
  • Make sure the plot does not have any underground water tank in the south-east corner.
  • Avoid planting tall tree towards east direction. It will bar the sunrays during the morning.
  • According to Vastu, your kitchen of east facing house should be built in the south-east or north-west direction. It is good to maintain the east facing house kitchen vastu rule to secure good health at your house.

If your property has an extension towards north then it is considered good for east facing house. It causes goodness and well-being for the property owner.

Things you should avoid when you are going to buy or build an east facing house.

  • Clutter or dirt or having a dustbin in the north or north-east direction.
  • Do not go for extension or cut in the north-east corner.
  • Do not build a staircase in the north-east direction.

Maintaining the above-mentioned vastu tips can bring you only success and good luck to your east facing house.

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