Bring Luck & Happiness in South Facing House with Vastu Tips

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The South Facing Door Colour

Bring Luck & Happiness in South Facing House with Vastu Tips

South facing house with simple vastu tips

Home, sweet home – each of us have a dream related to our home. We plan so many things to decorate our home, whether an existing one or new one. Decoration, planning and expensive interior are not the all that creates a happy home. The role of vastu is utterly important when you are going to buy a new home or reconstruct your existing home.

Vastu Tips to Follow Making South Facing House

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If you have already bought a south facing home then you need to know what south facing house Vastu plan then this article can help you surely. Many of the people believe that south facing home is not auspicious. Though, it is not true actually. If you can maintain a few rules of vastu then your south facing home can be prosperous as well as auspicious. Let us have a look at the tips to make south facing home lucky and providential.

  • Main entrance of the house:

The entrance of the house is very important because energies flow your house through the entrance. In the south facing house best entrance position is 148 to 170 degree from the centre of the house.  

  • Gaping:

Make sure there is a gap of at least six inches from the door to the south-east wall.

  • Sloping Rule:

Do not buy any south facing home that has slops down at North and East.

  • Kitchen Place:

The kitchen of your south facing home should be in the south-east corner or west direction of the house.

  • Right Cooking Direction:

Always cook facing east or south when your kitchen is in the south-east. Cook facing south, when your kitchen is built in west direction.

  • Bedroom:

Your master bedroom should be built in the south-west direction of the house.

Bedroom Colour Tips

  • Staircase Planning:

Build staircase in the south, south-east or south-west direction of the house.

  • Prayer or Living Room:

Use the north-east corner of your south facing home to build prayer room or living room.

  • Guest Room:

If you have a plan to make a guest room maintaining south facing house Vastu then north-west is the suitable corner.

Even, the walls in the south and west direction should be larger and thicker compared to the north and east direction.

Essential Points to be Mentioned

There is no doubt in it, a south facing home can be proven auspicious and amazingly beautiful it is built with Vastu tips. A few things are there to be considered building south facing the house.

  • Do not use the south direction for water pump installation.
  • Try not to keep empty space in the direction.


Maintaining the above-mentioned vastu tips can bring good luck and happiness to your south facing house.

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