Get Rid of Sleeplessness Choosing the Right Vastu Direction to Place Head

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Get Rid of Sleeplessness Choosing the Right Vastu Direction to Place Head

Do you know that sleeping in the wrong direction can ruin your life and health? Yes, it is true. You can attract bad luck in your life if you do not bother to maintain sleeping direction Vastu tips.

Right Sleeping Tips to Follow Based on Vastu

Most of the people think that sleeping in any direction is auspicious. Though, it is not the right thing. If you do not sleep in the proper direction then you can suffer from sleeplessness. Sleeplessness for a long time can affect your health and you can loss positive energies from your mind and body. You can have a sound sleep and a better life if you sleep in the right direction at your home. Let us know which the right directions to sleep according to Vastu are.

  • Sleeping Facing North: If you sleep in heading south direction and facing north then it is the best direction to sleep. It helps to increase happiness, positivity and luck at your home. Sleeping in this direction provides better sleep and sound health.
  • Sleeping Facing South: When you sleep heading north and facing south, you will get the adverse effect. Sleeping in this position is not good for health and mind. According to Hindu Shastra, only a dead body is kept heading towards the north and facing the south. If you sleep in this position then you will suffer from insomnia and longtime sickness.
  • Sleeping Facing East: If you have the habit of keeping your head in the west then you got a good habit. You will be endowed with name, prosperity, fame and luck when you sleep facing east and heading west.
  • Sleeping Facing West: One of the best directions to sleep is to keep your head to east and face to the west. It will increase the memory, power of concentration, and your capability of the brain. It is the best direction to sleep for students.

To keep aside the negative effects from body and mind, east and south directions are the best to place head.

Sleeping Guideline for Married Couples

If you are newly married then you must follow a rule to earn good sleep. It is good to sleep heading south when you are sleeping with your spouse or partner, and it is recommended the best vastu sleeping position for couples.

Bed Side Vastu Rules of Couples

When it is to choose the right side to sleep for husband and wife of bed, the husband should sleep on the right side of bed and wife should in the left side.

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