Vastu tips to Maintain Pooja Room or Mandir

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Vastu tips to Maintain Pooja Room or Mandir

Tips to Maintain Pooja Room or Mandir  Based on Vastu

God! An invisible power we worship every day and more or less in every situation. Oh God, please give me the job, please bring me success in my exam, and please help me to buy the home and so on.  There is not a single day; we do not ask anything from almighty.


Pooja or Prayer Room Facing North-East

Prayer to God is an essential part of our life that we love to do. When doing prayer is so important, the room or corner of the prayer should be built properly. According to Vastu Shastra, the prayer room or mandir should be built in the north-east direction of the house. It is said, you need to pray to your god or goddess facing east or north direction. If you are living in the north-east facing home then you can keep pooja room in the east direction. Let us see how to maintain pooja room vastu in your house,

  • The colour of the puja room should be lemon or light blue or white.
  • The floor of the room should be white in colour.
  • Try to keep the worship lamp in the south-east, it is good for vastu.
  • It is not good to keep an idol in the prayer room. But if you want to place an idol then the height of the idol should be in between 2 feet to 10 feet.
  • Make sure when you sit to pray the idol’s legs should be at your chest level.
  • Do not build a bedroom or bathroom adjacent to the pooja room.
  • Make sure the prayer room should be neat and clean.
  • Do not enter the prayer room with dirty feet.

According to pooja room vastu, the worship room should not be built in the south-south-west direction. If there is a shortage of place in your home and you have kept the wooden temple on the wall of bedroom or kitchen then use a curtain to cover the temple during the night.  Even, it is advised to keep the curtain when you are not worshipping.

Other Essentials

It is not good to build a pooja room below the staircase of your home. Try not to keep the pooja temple in your bedroom. Rather you can keep the mandir in your kitchen on the wall.

It is good to build the pooja temple or mandir with wood as wood is considered auspicious. You can keep idols made with metal on your mandir. But the mandir should not be decorated or built with the same metal, it is considered inauspicious.

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