Placement of fish aquarium in your home or office to attract wealth.

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Placement of fish aquarium in your home or office to attract wealth.

Fish aquarium is a beautiful and a powerful vastu remedies. It attracts the power of wealth and abundance. Placing an aquarium in right place in your home or office will attract positive energies which help to attract wealth and happiness.

In Vastu Shastra the balance of five elements is important. In a good vastu aquarium, all five elements are present in different forms and they are balanced.

  1. An aquarium water element is present as a water.
  2. Green plants are air element, which is present in the aquarium.
  3. The bright red colour fishes in aquarium represent fire element.
  4. The small rocks and gravel at the bottom of an aquarium is the element of earth.
  5. The structure of the aquarium is the space element.


The placement of an aquarium is very important, when it places correct location then it brings growth, prosperity, wealth and happiness. But if it places in the wrong place it ruined happiness. The best place to keep an aquarium is east of the southeast direction. But you can keep the aquarium in east and north direction.


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Benefits of an aquarium in your home or office:
  1. In medical researchers, it found that an aquarium help to reduce high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and many more diseases.
  2. An aquarium help to eliminate negative and evil energies and increase lots of positive energy at your home.
  3. Health and active fishes in your aquarium attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  4. An aquarium help to solve the Vastu defects of your home or office.
  5. Observing fishes in an aquarium will reduce your stress level and bring peace to mind.


Vastu tips for fish aquarium:
  1. An aquarium should be a good combination of Arowana or goldfish.
  2. Healthy and ornamental fishes should keep in the aquarium.
  3. The auspicious number of fishes in a fish tank is nine.
  4. In an aquarium a black fish is important. Blackfish neutralize bad luck.
  5. If any fish dies naturally, then replace it with a new healthy fish.
  6. Clean your aquarium regularly.
  7. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom.
  8. In a kitchen, you should not place an aquarium.
  9. Living room or drawing room is the best place to keep an aquarium.
  10. The best direction to place an aquarium is east of the southeast, east and north.

These are some effective Vastu tips for a fish aquarium.


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