Easy Ways to Improve Lifestyle Based on Vastu in North Facing House

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Easy Ways to Improve Lifestyle Based on Vastu in North Facing House

One of the auspicious houses according to vastu is the north facing house. It is said that people live in a north facing houses are blessed with happiness, success, wealth, good health and luck.

Vastu Guidelines for North Facing House  

The north part is directed by the Lord Kuber. He is the good of wealth. Therefore, if you have bought a north facing home and you want to enjoy the utmost happiness then you need to follow a few north facing house vastu tips. a north facing house is good from all vastu rules. Let us roll our eyes on the points that help to make north facing home more prosperous and people of the home healthy and wealthy.

  1. Open Space: It is really important to keep maximum open space at the north facing entrance in north or east direction. Do not keep a more open space in the south or south-west direction.
  2. Pillar should not be Built in Center: It is really good not to keep any pillar in the center of the building. Center of the building is one of the most sensitive parts of the building.
  3. Prayer Room Vastu Tips: According to north facing house vastu pooja room should be built in the east or northeast direction.
  4. Source of Energy: Energy enters into a house via windows and doors created on the east or north side of a house. If you want to earn good vibe at your north facing home then try to build maximum numbers of windows and doors in the north or east direction.
  5. Do not Use Arch Door/Window: Arch Door or Window Not Considered: it is not recommended to use an arch shape door or window at the entrance.
  6. Roof Slopping: When you are planning to build a roof, make sure the slopping of the roof towards the direction of east or north plot.
  7. Kitchen Construction: Make sure you have a plan to build a kitchen in the south-east or west direction of your home.
  8. Bathroom Construction: Do not allow to make the bathroom in the north-east direction. It brings unhappiness and illness.

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  1. Living Room: You will get a positive result if you have a plan to build the living room in the north-east direction.
  2. Bedroom Ideas: Build the master bedroom for the owner at the south-west direction. The bedroom for guest should be built in the north-west direction.

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It will be better to keep the north and north-east corner open and unobstructed. Never allow to build the septic tank in this portion. Try to keep the north and north-east corner for north facing home as much as clear.

You will not only enjoy a better life but also you will never face any financial crisis.


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