How To Choose Your Front Door Colour

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How To Choose Your Front Door Colour

Vastu for Your Main Door Colour

Front door or main door of the house is very important in Vastu. The front door of the house absorbs the positive energy for your house. When a house has good positive energy circulation, then the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well being and get growth in their life.

In Vastu Shastra, the selection of the colour of the main door depends on the direction of the front door and that direction related element.

Main door colour for the east facing door:

East Facing Main Door Color

The element of the east direction is air element or wood element. So, if you have a front door facing east direction, then you can attract good vastu energy in your home by painting any colour of air element. The colours of air element or wood element are any shade of green colour and brown colour. In east facing main door green and brown, both colours can be used.

Vastu Tips for East Facing Houses 

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Main door colours for the southeast facing door:

Main Door Colours For The Southeast Facing Door

Southeast direction is associated with the energy of money and wealth. This is the direction of the fire element. So, if your front door is facing the south-east direction you should use fire element colours to attract the energy of money & wealth at your home. Colours of fire element are all shade of red, pink and orange.

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Best colour for the south facing door:

The South Facing Door Colour

The element of the south-facing door is similar to a southeast facing the door. Both south facing and southeast facing doors are fire element door. So, the colours of both facing doors are similar, colours are all shade of red, pink magenta or orange.

Vastu tips for South Facing House

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Improve love with southwest door colour:

The energy of southwest direction is associated with love and relationship. So, the colour of the southwest front door of your house also affects your love & relationship. Earth element brings stability in your relationship and this is also the element of southwest direction. So you should use all shade of yellow colour.

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Increase your gains west facing door colour:

West Facing Door Colour

The element of west direction is space element or a metal element. The energy of the west direction is associated with gains and profitability. To attract more gains & profitability you should use space elements colours at your west facing the main door. Space element colours are white, off-white and grey.

Vastu Tips For West Facing House:

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Best colour for northwest facing door:

Northwest Facing Door Colour

The element of the northwest direction is same as west direction, space or a metal element. This direction gives you support of helpful people. So, get good support from people you should use white, grey and off-white colour at your northwest facing the front door.

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Attract new opportunities with north facing door:

North Facing Door Colour

North direction is associated with new opportunities. To attract new opportunities in your home use the colours related to the water element.Water element is the element of north direction. The colour of water element is all shade of blue and black.

Vastu Tips For North Facing House:

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Colour for northeast facing door:

northeast facing door colour

The energy of the northeast direction is associated with mental clarity and spirituality. The element of this direction is the earth element. So you should use earthy colours and yellow colour.

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In Vastu Shastra, colours are very important. Every colour is associated with an element. Colours are used to balance the energy of elements. So, you should use colours very carefully.

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