#8 Bedroom Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

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vastu tips for happy married life

#8 Bedroom Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life


Well, you are going to married soon. Hence, you are going to share every moments of your life with your life partner. At present, many of us prepare home in accordance with Vastushastra to enjoy the sweetest fruit in life. Then why do not you try some? Yes, in this blog we are going to explore eight vastu tips to create a healthy and happy atmosphere at your bedroom. These tips will definitely bring happiness and more attachment to your love life as well as married life.

Let us see how vastu impacts your married life even at bedroom.

  1. Remove Clutter from Bedroom: To create peace and serenity in your love life, remove all the clutter from your home, especially under your bed, as it weighs you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past. The clutter makes everything stagnant.
  2. Best Bedroom Direction for Married Couple: Your bedroom has to be in the north-west or south-west side at home. It increases understanding and love between couple.
  3. Right Sleeping Direction: Always sleep keeping your head toward south; it helps positive energy to enter in your body.
  4. Avoid Metal Bed: It is good to sleep on bed made with wood. Bed made with wrought-iron or metal is not good to sleep for married couple.
  5. Best Side to Sleep: Husband should sleep on the right side of bed while wife should sleep on the left side. It would increase love and affection between couple.
  6. Never Use Double Mattress: Always use single mattress to sleep. It is good for positivity and healthy relationship.
  7. Color for Bedroom: Choose light color for your bedroom as it is good for eyes and brain.
  8. Where to Keep Mirror at Home: If you keep mirror at your bedroom after marriage then try to keep it covered.

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