#6 Vastu Remedies to Ensure Success at Your Office

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#6 Vastu Remedies to Ensure Success at Your Office

Not only in home but also in office you can find a great impact of Vastu Shastra. Yes, if you want to achieve the peak of success in your business in short period then Vastu Shastra can definitely help you in correcting the directional errors with Vastu remedies.

Let us see how you can make your office best working place accordance with Vastu Shastra:

1. Reception should be preferably located in the northeastern part of the office. The receptionist should face either the east or north direction.
2. Remove obstacles from the entrance of your office.
3. Keep the central portion of office empty.
4. Keep an aquarium filled with nine goldfishes and one blackfish in the east of the southeast direction, it is good for vastu and good for your business.
5. Keep water bodies in the eastern part or north-east part of office.
6. The cabins for managers and directors as well as desks for office executives should be located in the West direction or south-west direction of your office. You should build cabins and desks for middle level managers and executives either in the eastern zone or in the northern zone of your office. Make place for your field stuffs in the north-west direction of office.

When you are thinking how to grow your business fast and how to give a healthy and energetic work ambiance to your office stuffs, you can consider these Vastu remedies for sure. Book an appointment at Vastu Earth today.

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