16 Vastu Tips to Keep Home away from Negative Energy

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vastu tips to keep negative energy away from home

16 Vastu Tips to Keep Home away from Negative Energy

Vastu shastra tells you about direction, geography and environment where you are living in. it is an ancient Indian architectural system to draw positive energy at home. The only condition is that you need to apply the shastra or system to build your home. When you have already built house but there is some minor mistakes in direction at your home, it is called Vastu Dosh. Vastu dosh can be treated as there are remedies by which you can erase the vastu doshas from your home and welcome positive energy at home.

Vastu Remedies to Restore Positivity

The Vastu remedies to bring positivity at home are not so difficult to follow. Just you need to do some changes and alteration at your home. Let us see what you need to do if you have vastu dosha at home.

1. Make sure the beds, tables, windows and kitchen shelves do not have a lot of sharp edges- not only is it dangerous, it also creates a vastu dosh.
2. You must have puja room in your home.
3. Light a lamp or earthen pot in the evening near water pot daily.
4. Do not keep Cactus plant at your home.
5. Never keep the idol of Hanumanji in south-east direction as it can cause fire peril.
6. Make sure the main door of your home open inside home to resume the positive energy.
7. Grease the hinges of doors and windows regularly to avoid noise.
8. Make sure your doors open toward right hand.
9. Never keep your bed under the beam.
10. Avoid five corners ceiling while building home.
11. Make sure all doors of home open in north-east direction.
12. Your staircase should be built in the way that you ascend it facing east or north.
13. Place bed and almirahs on the south-west side.
14. Drink water facing the north-east.
15. Keep the room in the north-east direction clutter free.
16. Sleep keeping your head in South direction.

If you have vastu dosh and you want to keep your home free from negative energies then you can certainly follow these vastu tips shared by famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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