11 Ways You Can Build Attached Bathroom & Toilet According to Vastu

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11 Ways You Can Build Attached Bathroom & Toilet

11 Ways You Can Build Attached Bathroom & Toilet According to Vastu

There are a few people who offer the same attention to bathroom and toilet and take care of the cleanliness of these places like other parts of the home. if the bathroom and toilets at your home were not built maintaining the vastu guideline then you may face constant negativity in your home. When you are going to build your new home and you do not want negative energy to enter your home, you can surely depend on Vastu tips

Better to Build Bathroom & Toilet According to Vastu

If you are finding ways preventing negative energy to enter into your home then this blog will certainly help you. Vastu tips can help you to know which corner or location of your home is best to build toilet and bathroom. No doubt, toilet and bathroom built with vastu tips help you to preserve a healthy atmosphere at home. When you are keenly interested to build your toilet and bathroom according to Vastu shastra, you cannot go for attached bathroom and toilet. But if you have already built your home and you have attached bathroom and toilet then still you can follow vastu tips to purify your home from the grip of negative energy.

Problems to Face to Build Bathroom and Toilet without Vastu Guideline

The blog will certainly disclose tips to recover positivity at home when you have built a toilet and bathroom together. You can visit residential vastu consultant in Kolkata to know about in this regard. Before that, you need to know what an attached bathroom and toilet can cause to your life and home.

  • Financial problems– You may face financial loss by any means.
  • Health Problems– Whether you maintain a good lifestyle or not, attached bathroom with toilet can cause so many health issues including tension, stress, and the health issue can be deadly.

But you can avoid these health and financial issues for sure if you follow Vastu for bathroom and toilet.

Tips to Follow to Build Vastu Safe Bathroom with Toilet

Now you know that what you can face if you would build your toilet attached with bathroom. It is time to uncover the tips that help you to show the ways by which you can build a vastu compliant toilet and bathroom at home. Guideline of vastu for toilet and bathroom would be proper in every sense, in colour, direction, position and so on. Let us put a glance at the tips that help you to maintain a vastu guideline complaint toilet and bathroom at home.

  1. Keep the water closet, means the commode or toilet seat maintaining the north-south axis.
  2. You can build a toilet in the west of the north-west side of a house that is situated west side of your home.
  3. You can consider making toilet in the south of the southwest corner of the home.
  4. Always try to place the commode at the west or south or north-west of the toilet.
  5. Fit the toilet seat or pot in the toilet in a way that user only faces north or south while using it.
  6. Your toilet has to be built above one to two feet above the ground level.
  7. The sloping of your toilet has to be on the north or east the water drains out from here or from both sides.
  8. The water storage of the toilet has to be built in East or Northeast direction.
  9. It would be good to colour walls with light shed.
  10. It would be beneficial for health if you build a window in the east or west or north wall in the toilet.
  11. Build the entrance door of your toilet on the north or east wall.

The important thing you need to keep in mind that never build your prayer room under the bathroom. Your bathroom should be made in the corner of your home, but not in the center. Do not build the septic tank in the northeast section of your home.


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