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The South Facing Door Colour

Bring Luck & Happiness in South Facing Home with Vastu Tips

South facing home with simple vastu tips

Home, sweet home – each of us have a dream related to our home. We plan so many things to decorate our home, whether an existing one or new one. Decoration, planning and expensive interior are not the all that creates a happy home. The role of vastu is utterly important when you are going to buy a new home or reconstruct your existing home.

Vastu Tips to Follow Making South Facing Home

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If you have already bought a south facing home then you need to know what south facing house Vastu plan then this article can help you surely. Many of the people believe that south facing home is not auspicious. Though, it is not true actually. If you can maintain a few rules of vastu then your south facing home can be prosperous as well as auspicious. Let us have a look at the tips to make south facing home lucky and providential.

  • Main entrance of the house:

The entrance of the house is very important because energies flow your house through the entrance. In the south facing house best entrance position is 148 to 170 degree from the centre of the house.  

  • Gaping:

Make sure there is a gap of at least six inches from the door to the south-east wall.

  • Sloping Rule:

Do not buy any south facing home that has slops down at North and East.

  • Kitchen Place:

The kitchen of your south facing home should be in the south-east corner or west direction of the house.

  • Right Cooking Direction:

Always cook facing east or south when your kitchen is in the south-east. Cook facing south, when your kitchen is built in west direction.

  • Bedroom:

Your master bedroom should be built in the south-west direction of the house.

  • Staircase Planning:

Build staircase in the south, south-east or south-west direction of the house.

  • Prayer or Living Room:

Use the north-east corner of your south facing home to build prayer room or living room.

  • Guest Room:

If you have a plan to make a guest room maintaining south facing house Vastu then north-west is the suitable corner.

Even, the walls in the south and west direction should be larger and thicker compared to the north and east direction.

Essential Points to be Mentioned

There is no doubt in it, a south facing home can be proven auspicious and amazingly beautiful it is built with Vastu tips. A few things are there to be considered building south facing the house.

  • Do not use the south direction for water pump installation.
  • Try not to keep empty space in the direction.


Maintaining the above-mentioned vastu tips can bring good luck and happiness to your south facing house.

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Get Ready For Grand Celebration of Navaratri/Durga Puja in 2018 – 10th Oct to 18th Oct

Navaratri or nine days festival is one of the popular celebrations in Hindu religion. More or less, every state of India celebrates the festival. Navaratri is celebrated to demolish all evil power from the earth and bring back happiness, goodness and prosperity in lives of people.

Date of Navaratri/Durga Puja 2018

The grace and color of Navaratri create amazing magic in minds of people that people wish if the festival goes on for more days.

This year, Navaratri will start on 10th of October and ends on 18th October.

In West Bengal, the Navaratri festival is known as Durga Puja.

Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated Bengali festivals. Coming back to Navaratri, during Navratri Devi Durga is worshiped by devotees as the symbol of power and courage.

During Navaratri, the idol of Matarani or Devi durga is worshipped at pandals and houses with full respect and dedication

From the first day to ninth day, Devi Durga is worshipped in different names. Each day and each avatar of ma Durga is worshipped.

  • Shailaputri
  • Bhrahmachrini
  • Chandraghanta
  • Kushmanda
  • Skandamata
  • Katyayni
  • Kaalratri
  • Maha Gauri
  • Siddhidatri

These nine avataras of Durga is called nava-durga.

The Celebration of Navratri in India

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These nine days are celebrated with fun, entertainment, refreshment and of course endless devotion for Maa Durga. Many people keep fast in these days and take prasada to break the fast. Ma Durga is worshipped with different kinds of tributes to please. Fruit, sweet, flower; jewelries and clothes are used to adore Devi Durga. After the completion of every day’s puja, devotees take ashirvaad and prasad from pujari or Brahmin. They ask for boon from goddess durga that they can live happily and prosper in life.

Two Main Cities Celebrates Navaratri/Durga Puja in Grand Manner

The puja is performed in many states in India in various forms. Two styles are mainly popular not only in India but also outside India.

  • In Gujarat, people celebrate nine days Navarati with grace and enjoyment. People take part in dandiya and garba and folk dances. They wear colorful dressed in this occasion.
  • In West Bengal, 10 days Durga puja is performed with prayers, devotion, elegance, Bengali rituals and love. People visit pandals and make prayers to ma Durga and offer tributes in many forms, like puspanjali, arati, chandi patha, kumara puja, sandhi puja, kalabau puja and so on. Bengali people wear new cloths, ornaments and have delicious Veg dishes and various sweets in this festival. Therefore, many people visit.

Hope, this year too Maa Durga will come up with boons and happiness for people. Let us celebrate navaratri/Durga Puja with more fun and gratitude.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

13th September India Will Celebrate Most Colorful Festival – Ganesh Chaturth

Whatever you call “Gajanana”, “Bignahartha”, “Ekadanta”, “Vinayaka”; Lord Ganesh resides in millions of billions of devotees due to his leela and chamatkars. Lord Ganesha is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ganesha is elephant-headed and there are two stories behind his birth.

Birth Legends of Lord Ganesha

According to mythology, Lord Ganesha had born with the dirt of Devi Parvati.

A few say that Lord Ganesha took birth to abolish demons from the earth and to help Devatas from rakshasas. It is said that Lord Shiva beheaded the head of Ganesha out of anger when Ganesha prevented Shiva to enter into the citadel of Debi Parvati.

Later on, due to the request of Devi Parvati, Deva Bhramha, Deva Vishnu and other gods, Lord Shiva brought back the life of Ganesha fixing ahead of an elephant.

Date of Ganesh Chathurti 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Every year, large numbers of people especially Hindu celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with full devotion and eagerness. This year, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 13th September.

The Ganesh Chaturthi starts on the Chaturthi or 4th day of Sukhla Pakhsa and ends on 14th day or Chaturdashi (known as Anant Chaturdashi) of Sukhla paksha.

Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Various States

Video Credit: Goa 365 TV

In many states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated with same enthusiasm.

If you want to experience Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand way then need to visit Maharashtra.

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The city celebrates the festival for long 10 days. The preparation for the festival goes on in every corner of the city. The city takes preparation to welcome Ganesha with endless zeal.

Today, the Ganesh Chaturthi which is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated outside India like in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and China. Even, this festival is celebrated in the United States and England.

Puja Vidhi of Ganesh Chaturthi

Video Credit: Curiosity Guide – जिज्ञासा समाधान

The rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi are performed in four ways. Pranapratishhtha, Shhodashopachara, Uttarpuja and Visarjan.

  • Pranaprtishhtha– In this ritual the deity infused into an idol or murti.
  • Shhodashopachara – Tributes are offered to Ganesha in sixteen forms with fruits, flowers and gratitude.
  • Uttarpuja – In this process lord Ganesha is shifted from his position and devotees take preparation for immersion.
  • Ganpati Visarjan – It is the final ritual of the festival. In this process, Lord Ganesha is taken to river or ocean for immersion.

All the rituals are performed with love, adoration and devotion towards Lord Ganesha. People who love to have Modak, this festival is just abolishing their wait. Modak is the main Prasad of lord Ganesha that devotees do allow to miss.

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krishna janmasthami 2018

Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami On 2nd Sep & 3rd Sep in 2018 – Falls on Rohini Nakshatra

Lord Krishna – the eighth carnation of Lord Vishnu.

lord krishna

Whenever we think Leela or sweet mischief of god, the first name we utter is Lord Krishna. Krishna is known for his natth-katth or elfish behaviors. Still, he was lovable to all. It is more than five thousand years that Sri Krishna took birth in the earth. It is said that he took birth to abolish demons from the earth to gift a peaceful place to live.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2018 Date & Time

The janama utsav of baghaban Sri Krishna is known as “Sri Krishna Janmashtami”. Each year Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in different parts of India with full devotion and eagerness on Krishna Ashtami Tithi. Lord Krishna took birth in Gokul Dham, Mathura.

In 2018, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 2nd of September. People who want to keep fast and perform the Janmashtami puja, the below-mentioned time chart will help them complete all bidhi and bidhana (rituals of Janmashtami) in a proper way.

  • The starting time and date of Janmashtami puja is 11:57 pm on 2nd
  • The puja will end at 00:43 am on 3rd
  • Krishna Janmashtami will start at 8:47 pm on 2nd
  • It will end at 7:19 pm on 3rd

It is considered very auspicious if the Puja tithi falls on Rohini Nakshatra. Coincidently, this year the puja coincides with the same nakshatra. Therefore, people who generally keep fasting on this event this year would be lucky for them.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi Step By Step

Now if it is your first time that you are going to celebrate the puja then you need to know how to perform Janmashtami puja at home and some important tips.

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Let us see how to perform the puja at home

  • First, you need to keep fast.
  • You need to prepare 56 bhogs to present in front of Lord Krishna. Though, it is not mandatory. You can prepare bhogs or prasad according to your capacity and money.
  • Janmasthami puja is held at night. The puja starts with abhisekh of Lord Krishna. Ghee, honey, milk and curd are used to provide bath to lord Krishna. Then chandana is applied all over the body of Krishna and he gets dressed up with new clothe.
  • Then decorate the idol with flower, garland and peacock feather. If you wish then you can offer jewelry to your adorable God “Shri Krishna”.
  • The puja goes no all over the night. Devotes perform ritualistic things like Kirtana, chants Krishna satanaam so on to spend the night and have Prasad to break the fast.

After the puja, devotees pray in-front of the idol and ask for boons from Lord Krishna.

If you are lucky enough then you can also get a boon from Krishna.

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How to overcome depression and live a happy life

This blog is taken from vastuearth client’s case study. How a happy couple faces depression in their life and with the help of proper vastu planning they get back happiness in their life.

One of the happy couple Manoj and Reshma, who live in Kolkata. They are planning to buy a flat. After saving for many years finally they bought their dream home. Things were fine before they moved their new home, But after shifting new flat Manoj and Reshma notice some changes in their behaviour.

They felt that marital arguments and fights were increasing day by day. They start fighting on little things, which they don’t do before. Both Manoj and Reshma felt exhausted most of the time. Then Manoj noticed that Reshma was always depressed and had lost interest in almost everything. Reshma was a homemaker and she spent her most of the time at home. Earlier she used to be a cheerful and vivacious person, but after shifting new home she is staying depressed.

Manoj also noticed similar changes in himself too. He was a calm and peaceful person. Now he becomes angry in a minute when he stepped into the house. Their new house is full of new furniture and designed very well, but the people live in this house was not happy. That time they also notice when these couples go for any tour or out of their house they were totally different person. No arguments & fights between them.

Manoj thought about vastu. Whether it could possibly help us. Manoj searched on the internet and after looking at many sites he found He contacts vastuearth for his house vastu consultation.

On the visit of vastuearth consultant Mr Raju Saha. We found the couple was sleeping at West of the northwest(WNW) zone.  This vastu zone is responsible for depression. And the couple was sleeping that vastu zone from the 1st day when they shift this home. Vastu consultant shifts there bed from WNW zone to southwest zone.

Their bedroom was painted dark red colour and the southwest room is also the same colour. This dark red colour in Southwest & west of the northwest zone caused anger and fight. So we change the colour of both these rooms. We use a cream colour in these rooms.

There were some cuts in their house in the south and south-southeast zone of their house. As a result, they feel restlessness. So these the treated by vastu remedies. And our vastu consultant suggests some other vastu techniques rectify the elemental imbalance of the house.

After getting vastu consultant suggestion and vastu report from Vastuearth. Manoj within 3 weeks he implements all changes in his house. And feel changes in his life. He and his wife overcome depression and got back all happiness and love in their life. After a month Manoj calls to vastuearth and give his feedback to us and he recommend us for his friend’s home vastu.

Vastu Shastra has very powerful tools and techniques to solve our life problems related to health, wealth, education & relationship. Use the expertise of vastuearth to solve your vastu related problems and live a happy, healthy & wealthy life.

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Easy Ways to Improve Lifestyle Based on Vastu in North Facing House

One of the auspicious houses according to vastu is the north facing house. It is said that people live in a north facing houses are blessed with happiness, success, wealth, good health and luck.

Vastu Guidelines for North Facing Homes  

The north part is directed by the Lord Kuber. He is the good of wealth. Therefore, if you have bought a north facing home and you want to enjoy the utmost happiness then you need to follow a few north facing house vastu tips. a north facing house is good from all vastu rules. Let us roll our eyes on the points that help to make north facing home more prosperous and people of the home healthy and wealthy.

  1. Open Space: It is really important to keep maximum open space at the north facing entrance in north or east direction. Do not keep a more open space in the south or south-west direction.
  2. Pillar should not be Built in Center: It is really good not to keep any pillar in the center of the building. Center of the building is one of the most sensitive parts of the building.
  3. Prayer Room Vastu Tips: According to north facing house vastu pooja room should be built in the east or northeast direction.
  4. Source of Energy: Energy enters into a house via windows and doors created on the east or north side of a house. If you want to earn good vibe at your north facing home then try to build maximum numbers of windows and doors in the north or east direction.
  5. Do not Use Arch Door/Window: Arch Door or Window Not Considered: it is not recommended to use an arch shape door or window at the entrance.
  6. Roof Slopping: When you are planning to build a roof, make sure the slopping of the roof towards the direction of east or north plot.
  7. Kitchen Construction: Make sure you have a plan to build a kitchen in the south-east or west direction of your home.
  8. Bathroom Construction: Do not allow to make the bathroom in the north-east direction. It brings unhappiness and illness.

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  1. Living Room: You will get the positive result if you have a plan to build the living room in the north-east direction.
  2. Bedroom Ideas: Build the master bedroom for the owner at the south-west direction. The bedroom for guest should be built in the north-west direction.

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It will be better to keep the north and north-east corner open and unobstructed. Never allow to build the septic tank in this portion. Try to keep the north and north-east corner for north facing home as much as clear.

You will not only enjoy a better life but also you will never face any financial crisis.


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Specific Vastu Rules to Follow for Interior Design

Vastu has a wide role to play not only in our style and directions of living but also in the design we choose for our homes. Yes, it is really surprising to know that Vastu has a great impact on interior design.

Vastu Interior Guideline

According to Vastu, a right interior design can bring the harmony and positivity in your life that you look for during new home building. From shaping up each corner of your home to painting, Vastu interior designs have an array of role to play. Let us look at the benefits of interior designs when it is planned according to Vastu.

  • Bedroom Interior: Based on Vastu, your bedroom should always be built in the south-west direction of your home. Southwest direction is the best direction for a master bedroom.
  • Kids Room: It will be beneficial for children when their rooms would be built in the north-west or west direction. Though, it is recommended to build a study room individually from the bedrooms.
  • Kitchen Room: According to Vastu, it is good to build a kitchen room in the south-east or west direction. The interior of the kitchen should be maintained. Make a gap between cooking counter and sink. You should not keep the electronic appliances in the north-east direction. The south-west direction is the best place to keep gas and other electronic devices.
  • Store room design: It is mandatory to build the storeroom of your home in the west or south-west direction. If you have no specific store room for the grain in the kitchen, then you can store grains in the north-west direction of your home.
  • Bathroom Idea: The bathroom of your house should be built in the west of the north-west direction. It should not be adjacent to north-east.
  • Dining Room: Dining room should be built to the adjacent of the kitchen and the level of ground should be the same with kitchen.

Other Essentials For Interior Based on Vastu:

  • Never paint your home with dark colour.
  • Avoid buying black coloured furniture for your home.
  • Do not sleep heading to the north.
  • Keep the north-east direction as much as clean and free of clutter.
  • Do not keep any heavy weight machinery in the center of your home.
  • Do not use any dark or black coloured tiles in your kitchen.
  • Let your children study facing north or north-east.
  • Allow air to pass through your home, maintain the proper ventilation.
  • Do not use dim light in any parts of your home.
  • Do not keep the mirror to your bedside.

It is true that a home without furniture is totally incomplete. Hence, there are a set of vastu tips for furniture that you need to follow while choosing furniture for new or existing home.

For more information about Vastu and to get personalized vastu consultation contact us.

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Vastu Remedies for East Facing Houses – Should be Maintained

Till in this modern age, people are many who provide importance to Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science of India. It is said, buildings are built based on Vastu provide auspicious results and it is proven in many senses.

Benefits of East Facing Property According Vastu

In this article, we are going to tell the benefits of purchasing the east facing house. If you are going to build a house facing east then the east facing house vastu tips should be followed. The Vastu tips not only help your bring fortune at your house but also you can prevent negativity enter your house. Let us see the tips that help you to earn fortune and prosperity at your east facing house.

  • Try to build the entrance of your east facing house to the center of the east or the north-east part of your plot. It is considered highly auspicious.
  • It will be better if you keep open space towards the east and north direction of your house.
  • You can create water body under north of your plot, but it should be towards the north-east direction.
  • If you have planned to provide a slope in your north-east facing property then the slope should be towards the north-east direction.
  • It would be beneficial to build low boundary towards north and east direction of your east facing house.
  • The wall should be long in height towards south and west direction of your plot.
  • If you are thinking to buy a T-junction plot then you should stop here. This type of plot is not suitable to build house, whether east/west/north/south facing.
  • Make sure the plot does not have any underground water tank in the south-east corner.
  • Avoid planting tall tree towards east direction. It will bar the sunrays during the morning.
  • According to Vastu, your kitchen of east facing house should be built in the south-east or north-west direction. It is good to maintain the east facing house kitchen vastu rule to secure good health at your house.

If your property has an extension towards north then it is considered good for east facing house. It causes goodness and well-being for the property owner.

Things you should avoid when you are going to buy or build an east facing house.

  • Clutter or dirt or having a dustbin in the north or north-east direction.
  • Do not go for extension or cut in the north-east corner.
  • Do not build a staircase in the north-east direction.

Maintaining the above-mentioned vastu tips can bring you only success and good luck to your east facing house.

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Get Rid of Sleeplessness Choosing the Right Vastu Direction to Place Head

Do you know that sleeping in the wrong direction can ruin your life and health? Yes, it is true. You can attract bad luck in your life if you do not bother to maintain sleeping direction Vastu tips.

Right Sleeping Tips to Follow Based on Vastu

Most of the people think that sleeping in any direction is auspicious. Though, it is not the right thing. If you do not sleep in the proper direction then you can suffer from sleeplessness. Sleeplessness for a long time can affect your health and you can loss positive energies from your mind and body. You can have a sound sleep and a better life if you sleep in the right direction at your home. Let us know which the right directions to sleep according to Vastu are.

  • Sleeping Facing North: If you sleep in heading south direction and facing north then it is the best direction to sleep. It helps to increase happiness, positivity and luck at your home. Sleeping in this direction provides better sleep and sound health.
  • Sleeping Facing South: When you sleep heading north and facing south, you will get the adverse effect. Sleeping in this position is not good for health and mind. According to Hindu Shastra, only a dead body is kept heading towards the north and facing the south. If you sleep in this position then you will suffer from insomnia and longtime sickness.
  • Sleeping Facing East: If you have the habit of keeping your head in the west then you got a good habit. You will be endowed with name, prosperity, fame and luck when you sleep facing east and heading west.
  • Sleeping Facing West: One of the best directions to sleep is to keep your head to east and face to the west. It will increase the memory, power of concentration, and your capability of the brain. It is the best direction to sleep for students.

To keep aside the negative effects from body and mind, east and south directions are the best to place head.

Sleeping Guideline for Married Couples

If you are newly married then you must follow a rule to earn good sleep. It is good to sleep heading south when you are sleeping with your spouse or partner, and it is recommended the best vastu sleeping position for couples.

Bed Side Vastu Rules of Couples

When it is to choose the right side to sleep for husband and wife of bed, the husband should sleep on the right side of bed and wife should in the left side.

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10 Vastu Tips to Flourish Money Luck – Try Out

The more you work hard, the more you earn!

More or less every people believe in it. Sometimes your money luck does not smile upon you in spite of your hard work. Have asked yourself why is this happening? Have tried to find the real fact behind it? Do not stress your mind, just read this article and you will get your answer.

Vastu tips for Money

Luck is the matter that decides how you can earn and how much you can earn. You will be surprised to know that the vastu of your home affects the money luck sometimes so hard that you need to take care of it. If your home is not built according to vastu then your money luck can be hampered. Kuber is considered the god of wealth. When you to maintain the flow of money at your home and make Kuber lord smiling on you, you need to follow the Vastu tips for money luck,

  • Must-Have Store Room:

Make sure your house has a storeroom in South-west or west direction.

  • Maintain Cleanliness of Doors and Windows:

Keep the doors and windows of your home clean.

  • Clutter-Free Center:

Do not store anything or keep anything in the center of your home.

  • Repair Leakage:

If there is any leaked pipe or faucet at your home then repair it immediately. It can cause loss of your money.

  • Water Fountain:

You can build a water fountain in the north or east direction of your home. Do not let the water flow stop in your fountain.


  • Keep Entrance clean:

Try to keep the entrance and the main door of your home as much as clean. It will attract the flow of money easily and let the positivity find your way home.

  • Fish Aquarium:

To attract the money luck you can keep a piece of an aquarium in the hall or living room at your home. Make sure the aquarium is well placed in the east of the south-east direction and properly cleaned.


  • Feed Birds:

It is good to feed water and grains to the birds that present in your plot or yard. It helps to attract positive energy and money luck.

  • Purple Color

Purple colour has a good impact bringing good fortune and money at your home. So, you can paint a purple colour in the north direction of your home to attract more money & success in your life.

  • Avoid Toilet in North and South-East Direction:

Toilet have negative energy. If you have a toilet in North direction & the south-east direction of your home then, it will affect the cash flow in your home. It can create an obstacle in the financial flow.


The above-mentioned Vastu tips for money matters have importance to continue the flow of money in our lives.

Maintain it and see the changes.

For more information regarding home vastu and other vastu tropics fill the enquiry form.


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Vastu tips to Maintain Pooja Room or Mandir

Tips to Maintain Pooja Room or Mandir  Based on Vastu

God! An invisible power we worship every day and more or less in every situation. Oh God, please give me the job, please bring me success in my exam, and please help me to buy the home and so on.  There is not a single day; we do not ask anything from almighty.


Pooja or Prayer Room Facing North-East

Prayer to God is an essential part of our life that we love to do. When doing prayer is so important, the room or corner of the prayer should be built properly. According to Vastu Shastra, the prayer room or mandir should be built in the north-east direction of the house. It is said, you need to pray to your god or goddess facing east or north direction. If you are living in the north-east facing home then you can keep pooja room in the east direction. Let us see how to maintain pooja room vastu in your house,

  • The colour of the puja room should be lemon or light blue or white.
  • The floor of the room should be white in colour.
  • Try to keep the worship lamp in the south-east, it is good for vastu.
  • It is not good to keep an idol in the prayer room. But if you want to place an idol then the height of the idol should be in between 2 feet to 10 feet.
  • Make sure when you sit to pray the idol’s legs should be at your chest level.
  • Do not build a bedroom or bathroom adjacent to the pooja room.
  • Make sure the prayer room should be neat and clean.
  • Do not enter the prayer room with dirty feet.

According to pooja room vastu, the worship room should not be built in the south-south-west direction. If there is a shortage of place in your home and you have kept the wooden temple on the wall of bedroom or kitchen then use a curtain to cover the temple during the night.  Even, it is advised to keep the curtain when you are not worshipping.

Other Essentials

It is not good to build a pooja room below the staircase of your home. Try not to keep the pooja temple in your bedroom. Rather you can keep the mandir in your kitchen on the wall.

It is good to build the pooja temple or mandir with wood as wood is considered auspicious. You can keep idols made with metal on your mandir. But the mandir should not be decorated or built with the same metal, it is considered inauspicious.

For more information regarding pooja room, vastu and other vastu tropics fill the enquiry form.

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Simple Tips for Feng Shui Your Home

9 Simple Tips for Feng Shui Your Home

Do you want to rethink, reorganize and revitalize your house with a little feng shui?

Here are the 9 simple tips for bringing possibility into your home with feng shui design principles.

So if you manage to do all these nine, you will attract even more good energy.

Fix your squeaks

The entry door is the first and foremost thing which encounter while coming or going from your home. Many people have become so accustomed to that sound that they don’t even notice it. Oil that door hinge and create more positive energy when you enter and leave your house.

Use your front door

Many people use their front door for garage purposes and back door for entering towards the room. But according to the feng shui prospective, this may limit energy and opportunities to your life. So start using front door once in a week and that will be beneficial for you also. This is one of the best feng shui tips.

Where to place that feng shui fountain

Everyone is asking which is the best place to this feng shui fountain? According to feng shui principles, if you place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home that means your wealth has the opportunity to pour into your life. It can be placed inside or outside but make sure water should be flowing towards the center of your home and it will be advantageous for your health also.

Plants above the Kitchen Cabinet

Check to see if your home’s kitchen is build up the ceiling or a soffit. It is good feng shui if there is no space above the kitchen upper cabinets. This space above the kitchen cabinet attracts dust and stagnant energy. If there is space, there’s a feng shui adjustment for you! You can place some lighting, green plants, beautiful and loved objects in this location. These transform you energy and become your life very healthy.

Keep the bathroom door closed

Why bathroom, door needs to be closed every time? Because water can comes out from there and that will be hectic for health also. So according to feng shui principles, bathroom doors should be closed always. We recommend the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door should be closed to reduce this effect.

Bed Location

The bed is the most important piece of furniture to put in a proper position and it affects a lot. You should face the door while not in line with the door not lying in bed. Ideally you can be diagonally across the room from your bedroom door. You can do one thing also; you can place one mirror so that you can see the door while lying on bed. Freestanding mirror will be the perfect choice for you as they can easily move and get just right.

TV covering

If you cover up the TV when not in use. By this, the active energy as well as electronic aspect is maintained also. It may be disruptive to the type of calming quiet energy more conductive to sleep and bedrooms. So it will be good if you find a beautiful scarf or fabric and just toss it over the television.

Clean the windows

The windows symbolize your eyes to the world. You can use some old newspaper, grab a bottle of vinegar and water and clean away the grime.

Do a space Clearing

The favorite methods are like smudge with white sage or spraying natural orange, burn Palo Santo  are very essential for space clearing. Palo Santo is light and great for everyday use. White sage is heavier for the heavy duty space clearing. But whatever you use, the space being filled with positive energy and your dreams for the future.

These are the tips for Feng Shui your Home. You can get the feng shui expert in Singapore. They are known for their mastery in combining both traditional and modern approach in geomancy.

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5 Tips For Improving Your Career According To Feng Shui Master

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Are you very much concern towards your career? Then if you follow the feng shui principle it will be beneficial for you for shining in your life.

Today we will discuss about the five special tips which can improve your career very well.

  • The benefactor sector in 2018 is northeast and southwest. Display enhance symbol like dragon head tortoise or scepter to active the sectors. This principle has given by chief geomancer TAN KHOON YONG who has 30 years of experience in this field. This feng shui tips is the best career luck for you also. So hurry up and try to use this principle in your home as soon as possible.
  • The left side of the work desk should be higher than the right side. Your desk’s left dictates your level of authority and power where the right side governs the likelihood of lawsuits and litigations. Place more documents on the left hand side especially the special documents. Moreover if you sit and left hand side for studying you can get the fruitful result for this. You can make your left hand side little bit higher rather than the right. It will be good for your career as well as for your wealth. You can feel happy if you do your study by this way.
  • Always maintain harmonious relationships with your friends, clients, colleagues. It means you should maintain some liaison in between your friends, clients and colleagues. If you become helpful and approachable your promotion or salary will be raised quickly and your name will be there on top of the boss’s list. It helps to get more revenue as well as profitability which is the most utmost factor for any organization
  • Always try to keep your work area clutter free. A tidy desk encourages clarity of mind, putting you in a better mood to work productively.
  • Your work area should be a high and sturdy backing. It helps to get more support and it has a stable backing and helps for blood circulation also which is always required. It removes your stress and you can feel relax which brings your concentration towards your work. This is one of the great feng shui tips for career advancement.

Last and foremost thing is that if you have initiativeness, dedication towards your work then you will get good result to your career.

Feng shui experts in Peru takes care of products quality in terms of packaging and designing as well and they are available with us in bulk quantities that have extremely appreciated by our customers in India. They ensure on several parameters of feng shui. Their feng shui principles help to get good shiny career. They have three type of services like –

  • Email consultation service
  • Telephonic consultation service
  • Personal face to face consultation service etc.

So feng shui principle can help for getting a brightful career for anyone. It increases our skills, powers and our life can easily be changed by this way very soon.

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Vastu Tips for Your Vision Board

How to use vastu to get a fast result from your vision board?

A vision board or dream board help you to focus on your goals. Through vision board, you can focus all your energy on your dream goal. Here in this blog, you learn some vastu techniques which, help you to achieve your dream goals fast.

You may have one goal or multiple goals in your mind. Do you write all your goals in a single vision board or you write different goals on different vision boards?

The best way to make a vision board is to separate your goals in different boards. This will help you to increase focus on you all goals. For an example- you have goals of growth in business, buy a new car and improve your love life or health. Then you have to make a separate vision board for each goal.

Your vision board must be clear & specific about your goals. If you want to make wealth, then you have to specify about, how much wealth you want? And you have to specify the time period for making this wealth. Your vision board is the road map of your goals.

Now the question is this, how to use vastu to achieve your goals fast? Vastu Shastra teach us the knowledge about the different direction and their powers. Every direction has some power. Which helps us to achieve some goals of our life. For an example south-west direction is related to our family, the energy of this direction help us to improve the relationship.


CAREER BOARD: if your goals are related to your career. Getting a new job, you are looking for new business opportunities. Then your vision board should place in the north direction of your house. The energy of North direction helps you to get new opportunities in your life.

PEACE BOARD: You want to bring peace into your life. You want to achieve higher meditation level. Or, You want to connect with your inner self then you should place your vision board at Northeast direction of your home.

FRIENDSHIP BOARD: if your goal is adding new friend in your life or you want to connect with new peoples or want to achieve popularity in social media & society, then you should place vision board at East direction.

MONEY BOARD: Everyone wants money in life. The southeast vastu direction is associated with money & finance. When you place your financial goals in this direction, then the energy of southeast direction help you to achieve your financial goals.

HEALTH BOARD: Health is important as well as wealth. Everyone wants to live a healthy life. Your health and fitness related vision board should place in the south direction of your home.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP BOARD: You are single, searching for your soul mate. Or you want to improve your relationship with your husband, wife, children and other family members, then you should place your vision board at Southwest vastu zone of your home.

EDUCATION BOARD: You are a student. If You have a goal to achieve good academic score and get admission at best college and universities. then you should place vision board at the west direction of your home.

WISH BOARD: This board is for all your materialistic wishes. We all have materialistic desires like buying new house, car, travel to different destinations. To fulfil these kinds of materialistic desires you can place vision board at Northwest or west vastu direction.

In conclusion, there are the general vastu guidelines. With the proper placement of your vision board as per above vastu guideline you can achieve your desired goals soon.

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Know How Mall Vastu Tips Helps Your Business Prosperity to Extend

People love convenience and easy life. Today, we are running out of time to maintain our economical, family and social responsibilities. Hence, instead of shopping individual things from supermarkets, we prefer to shop from malls. But how many malls is there that are successful to engage large numbers of customers. A very few are there. Do you know why this is happening when each mall is prepared to best of the best quality products to its customers irrespective to income group? If you are a mall owner and you are undergoing heavy lose then there you need the vastu tips to regain the profit in your business.

Vastu Tips for Mall Business

When you are thinking where you can get best tips of vastu for malls, you can do self-research online. Yes, you can find different sites that have already posted several tips that you can apply to have a successful mall business. Let us have a look at the tips that you can easily avail online if you search,

  • Make sure the plot of your mall is square or rectangular.
  • The slopping of the ground should be on the northeast side.
  • Try to free most of the space of the mall clutter free, especially the Northeast side.
  • You can build the restaurant in the South East block, whereas store the heaviest things in the North West corner.
  • Use South East Corner to store air conditioning plants, electric installations and generators.
  • Try to build the center of your mall with a glass dome that sky can be seen, it is good for Vastu.
  • Use North West corner to build toilets.
  • Use the south corner of your mall to build the escalator.

If you need an in-depth solution then you can consult you can consult with commercial vastu consultant in Kolkata. You can consult your issues elaborately and get the solution to improve your business.

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Geopathic Stress

How Geopathic Stress Consultant Can Help to Lead Stress Free Life

When you are facing problem or uneasy at your home, you should check the Geopathic stress zone. If the Geopathic stress zone is affectd at your home then you may suffer from health issues for sure. Geopathic stress is a thing that is happened due to harmful earth ray or lower electromagnetic field. When the natural radiation gets affected by electrical lininig, electric wiring, electronic appliances, or electronic generator, pylons and transformer, human health and mental health may suffer. If you are the one who are suffering due to Geopathic stress line then you should consult with Geopathic stress consultant in Kolkata. Research has proven that Eighty-percent of human being suffers from health issues, live in Geopathic stress zone.

How Geopathic Stress Consultant Helps Resolving Problem?

When you are suffering due to unknown issues and you are unable to identify the reasons, you can take help of Geopathic stress consultant. Generally, people who live in Geopathic stress zone may suffer from different health issues like sleeping disorder, low immunity issue, slow recovery from disease, restlessness, anexity, psychological issues, and lots more. Only a reliable and experienced Geopathic stress consultant in Kolkata can help you in this regard. Professional Geopathic stress consultant will visit your home and help you to know which is positive and negative Geopathic zone at your home.

What Geopathic Stress can Offer on Human Body and Mind?

Geopathic stress is a study that indicates study of different earth energies and their positive and negative effect on human life. there are many people who find the presence of Geopathic stress effect. Though, it is not that. Sometime we cannot identify the hidden energy with open eyesthat our body and mind can experience. If have already built home in a Geopathic stress effected area then you will suffer a lot. You may not accuire the energy in your body and mind that you actually need because your body will loss it in creating balance with underground energy(subterranean water current or mineral deposit).

Avoid Geopathic Lines Area

A Geomancer or Geopathic consultant performsthe analysis of EMFs or electro magnetic field to ensure which part of your house is come under Geopathic stress zone and which is not. This analysis helps you to deal with health issues and shows you the way to put an end of longterm disease. When you can identify the Geopathic stress zone and start avoiding living in the area,you can certainly gain power to confront with virus, bacteria, mental unstabality and live your life happy and easy. Geopathic stress consultant in Kolkata assists you to discover Hartman Lines at home that you can avoid the line area and stay healthy.

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Explore 7 Vastu Tips & Location for Locker Room at Home

Earn anything you wish for when you have loads of cash in your hand. Hence, it is mandatory thing to keep cash safe at bank or home. When you have decided to keep hard cash at home, first you need to build a locker at your home. No doubt, the locker room will be built according to vastu. Vastu says that a locker room which is not built based on vastu can be cause of unwanted cash flow. Make sure your locker is safe and secure to hold cash, jewellery and expensive ornaments. If you do not know which room and direction is best to build locker room then you can consult with home vastu expert in Kolkata.

7 Rules to Follow in Building Locker Room at Home

Based on Vastu Shastra, a locker room at home should be located in the west direction. West is the preferable direction for locker room. Locker room which is built in the wrong direction of the home can cause outflow of cash due to unexpected reasons. Let us see which rule should be followed to build locker room at home.

  1. The locker should be built at the west direction at home.
  2. The shape of the locker room has to be rectangular or square. Odd shaped locker room is considered inauspicious.
  3. The sides of locker room should not be extended in any condition.
  4. The locker or almirah should be placed on the south or west wall and the face of the locker should be towards the north or east direction.
  5. The color of the locker room has to be yellow. It is considered good for accumulating wealth.
  6. Avoid north of the north-west and south of the south-west corner to keep locker or almirah.
  7. The room will have only one door in the east or north direction.

If you are unable to manage building locker room in the west direction of your home then you can consider building the locker room in the south-east direction. It is better to consult with home vastu expert in Kolkata prior to start building locker room at home.

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11 Ways You Can Build Attached Bathroom & Toilet

11 Ways You Can Build Attached Bathroom & Toilet According to Vastu

There are a few people who offer same attention to toilet and bathroom and take care of cleanliness of these places like other parts of home. if the bathroom and toilets at your home were not built maintaining the vastu guideline then you may face constant negativity in your home. When you are going to build your new home and you do not want negative energy to enter into your home, you can surely depend on Vastu tips

Better to Build Bathroom & Toilet According to Vastu

If you are finding ways preventing negative energy to enter into your home then this blog will certainly help you. Vastu tips can help you to know which corner or location of your home is best to build toilet and bathroom. No doubt, toilet and bathroom built with vastu tips help you to preserve a healthy atmosphere at home. When you are keenly interested to build your toilet and bathroom according to Vastu shastra, you cannot go for attached bathroom and toilet. But if you have already built your home and you have attached bathroom and toilet then still you can follow vastu tips to purify your home from the grip of negative energy.

Problems to Face to Build Bathroom and Toilet without Vastu Guideline

The blog will certainly disclose tips to recover positivity at home when you have built toilet and bathroom together. You can visit residential vastu consultant in Kolkata to know about in this regard. Before that you need to know what an attached bathroom and toilet can cause to your life and home.

  • Financial problems– You may face financial lose by any means.
  • Health Problems– Whether you maintain good lifestyle or not, attached bathroom with toilet can cause so many health issues including tension, stress, and the health issue can be deadly.

But you can avoid these health and financial issues for sure if you follow Vastu for bathroom and toilet.

Tips to Follow to Build Vastu Safe Bathroom with Toilet

Now you know that what you can face if you would build your toilet attached with bathroom. It is time to uncover the tips that help you to show the ways by which you can build a vastu compliant toilet and bathroom at home. Guideline of vastu for toilet and bathroom would be proper in every sense, in color, direction, position and so on. Let us put a glance at the tips that help you to maintain a vastu guideline complaint toilet and bathroom at home.

  1. Keep the water closet, means the commode or toilet seat maintaining the north-south axis.
  2. You can build toilet in the west of north-west side of a house that is situated west side of your home.
  3. You can consider making toilet in the south of southwest corner of the home.
  4. Always try to place the commode at the west or south or north-west of the toilet.
  5. Fit the toilet seat or pot in the toilet in a way that user only faces north or south while using it.
  6. Your toilet has to be built above one to two feet above the ground level.
  7. The sloping of your toilet has to be on the north or east the water drains out from here or from both sides.
  8. The water storage of the toilet has to be built in East or North east direction.
  9. It would be good to color walls with light shed.
  10. It would be beneficial for health if you build a window in the east or west or north wall in toilet.
  11. Build the entrance door of your toilet on the north or east wall.

The important thing you need to keep in mind that never build your prayer room under bathroom. Your bathroom should be made in the corner of your home, but not in the center. Do not build the septic tank in the northeast  section of your home.

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Count on 5 Vastu Tips & Welcome Happiness & Prosperity at Your Home

If someone calls vastu shastra as science of architecture then you would not mistake in any sense. Vastu tips are something that always helps people to bring peace and positivity at home. there are many people who are unaware of the fact that ancient Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro  civilization were built maintaining Vastu. At present age, vastu is a not tough guideline to follow. But, most of the people wish to follow vastu guidelines in time of building home that they can live well and happily of course.

Clear & Simple Tips for Happy Homes

Vastu is not a magic or not a mystery to solve. It is just a way to create proper balance in your home and lifestyle. When a home is built and designed according to vastu, it ensures happiness, good health, luck as well as success. Let us see the Vastu for home tips that help to bring prosperity and happiness in your life.

  • You should put beautiful flower pots or picture of mangal kalash at the entry wall to avoid bad effect as lonely entrance wall is not good for home.
  • When you want not to enter negative energy at your home, you can plant a water fountain in the north east side of your home.
  • It is good to plant green plants in the east direction at your home. it would nourishes the relations between family members. Else you can frame a family photo in a golden frame and place it in the southwest direction of your home.
  • Do not place mirror on the south at your home. avoid keeping mirror in such way that you can see your reflection while sleeping.
  • Try hard to keep your home clutter free. It would help positive energy to enter your home and keep you healthy. Know vastu tips to keep 3 areas of home clutter-free .

There is no doubt that positive energy would certainly indwell at home and provides good impact on family when you arrange your house stuffs according to vastu expert in Kolkata.

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Know how Vastu Tips to Keep 3 Areas of Home Clutter-Free

The time you have thought to make your home clutter-free, you have taken a step to clean your home. A clean and orderly home is a source of positivity. If you want your home to feel as positive as your image then you can surely depend on Feng Shui or Vastu wisdom. First, you need to understand what is considered clutter for you and your home. When there is clutter in your house, you can feel that somehow your potent is going in vain. If you want to preserve the flow of energy at your house and life then you need to find the cluttered area of your house.

How to De-Clutter Your Home?

In this blog, we are going to uncover how you can make the three important of your home clutter-free by the tips of Vastu or Feng Shui. The three important areas are – your bedroom, kitchen and main entrance. Let us see what you need to do to keep these areas clutter free.

  1. Process to Build Clutter-Free Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is an important area where we take rest and de-stress body and mind by relaxing and sleeping. Hence, it is really essential to make your bedroom clutter free first with the helpful Vastu tips.

  • Do not keep any item in your bedroom that forms visual clutter. Shift TV, exercise gear, office or work-related items like computer or laptop and storage device like fridge or trunk in the bedroom.
  • Keep the area under your bed as much as clean.
  • Keep your wardrobe in your bedroom in order and try to keep only essentials in it.
  1. Process to Build Clutter-Free Ambiance in Kitchen

Your condition of kitchen says the condition of your health, especially the condition of your liver. When your liver is the detoxifying unit of your body, you need to take care of it properly. Your kitchen is the main place that can take care of your liver. So, clean up your kitchen maintaining Vastu tips and live a healthy life.

  • Keep your fridge clutter free and clean it every week.
  • Keep stove and pots in your kitchen clean and maintained.
  • Try to clean your kitchen stuff with environment-friendly cleaners instead of harsh chemical cleanser.
  • Properly clean the light and fixtures in your kitchen including the drawers and cupboards.
  1. Process to Create a Clutter-Free Look in Main Entrance

The main entrance of your house is the face of your home and the way to enter positive chi or energy into the home. Therefore, you need to focus to keep the entrance clean and clutter free.

  • Do not keep recycle bin or chipped pots or shoe rake in the main door.
  • Keep a mail collector or drawer in your main door that you can manage the space.
  • Keep the closet in your main door in order and keep the only season essential things.

When you can maintain all these three places at your home according to home vastu expert in Kolkata, it is sure your home would be filled with positive chi or energy. Not only you can enjoy the good life at your home but also your home provides strong vibration of positivity.

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vastu tips to keep negative energy away from home

16 Vastu Tips to Keep Home away from Negative Energy

Vastu shastra tells you about direction, geography and environment where you are living in. it is an ancient Indian architectural system to draw positive energy at home. The only condition is that you need to apply the shastra or system to build your home. When you have already built house but there is some minor mistakes in direction at your home, it is called Vastu Dosh. Vastu dosh can be treated as there are remedies by which you can erase the vastu doshas from your home and welcome positive energy at home.

Vastu Remedies to Restore Positivity

The Vastu remedies to bring positivity at home are not so difficult to follow. Just you need to do some changes and alteration at your home. Let us see what you need to do if you have vastu dosha at home.

1. Make sure the beds, tables, windows and kitchen shelves do not have a lot of sharp edges- not only is it dangerous, it also creates a vastu dosh.
2. You must have puja room in your home.
3. Light a lamp or earthen pot in the evening near water pot daily.
4. Do not keep Cactus plant at your home.
5. Never keep the idol of Hanumanji in south-east direction as it can cause fire peril.
6. Make sure the main door of your home open inside home to resume the positive energy.
7. Grease the hinges of doors and windows regularly to avoid noise.
8. Make sure your doors open toward right hand.
9. Never keep your bed under the beam.
10. Avoid five corners ceiling while building home.
11. Make sure all doors of home open in north-east direction.
12. Your staircase should be built in the way that you ascend it facing east or north.
13. Place bed and almirahs on the south-west side.
14. Drink water facing the north-east.
15. Keep the room in the north-east direction clutter free.
16. Sleep keeping your head in South direction.

If you have vastu dosh and you want to keep your home free from negative energies then you can certainly follow these vastu tips shared by famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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office vastu tips 2018

#6 Vastu Remedies to Ensure Success at Your Office in 2018

Not only in home but also in office you can find a great impact of Vastu Shastra. Yes, if you want to achieve the peak of success in your business in short period then Vastu Shastra can definitely help you in correcting the directional errors with Vastu remedies.

Let us see how you can make your office best working place accordance with Vastu Shastra:

1. Reception should be preferably located in the northeastern part of the office. The receptionist should face either the east or north direction.
2. Remove obstacles from the entrance of your office.
3. Keep the central portion of office empty.
4. Keep an aquarium filled with nine goldfishes and one blackfish in the east of the southeast direction, it is good for vastu and good for your business.
5. Keep water bodies in the eastern part or north-east part of office.
6. The cabins for managers and directors as well as desks for office executives should be located in the West direction or south-west direction of your office. You should build cabins and desks for middle level managers and executives either in the eastern zone or in the northern zone of your office. Make place for your field stuffs in the north-west direction of office.

When you are thinking how to grow your business fast and how to give a healthy and energetic work ambiance to your office stuffs, you can consider these Vastu remedies for sure. Book an appointment at Vastu Earth today.

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Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Uncover 17 Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018


Desire to live happy and healthy is common to human. Sometime material comfort and wealth are unable to bring you the healthy and peaceful ambiance at your home and you experience a certain fall in your health.

Healthy Vastu Tips for Better Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Here you can take help of Vastu Shastra that you can lead a healthy and disease free life and experience a great cash flow at home.

  1. Try to light up red bulb in south-east corner at home. Red bulb in south-east reduces the obstacle related to cash flow.
  2. Build puja or prayer room in the north-east direction at home. Make prayer facing north-east direction for good result.
  3. Light up a lamp at night near the water pot everyday to make your coming days in 2018 happy and prosperous.
  4. Do not hang any war picture or picture of violence at home. If you wish to hang fountain or river picture at home then hang them on north or east wall for goodness.
  5. Your main door must open inside and should not make any noise while to open or close.
  6. If you have beam inside your bedroom then do not lay your bed under the beam. It is unhealthy.
  7. If there are five corners ceiling at home then try to keep pyramid or flute to abolish negativity.
  8. Keep the north-east corner of your home close and try not to keep heavy weight things here. Use south or south-west wall to keep heavy weight furniture (Almirah and bed).
  9. Your toilet seat has to be kept facing from north to south. Keep the door locked after use always.
  10. Drink water facing east or north-east for great result.
  11. Sleep in pointing head towards south, east or west.
  12. Keep some family photo on south-west wall it enhances bonding among family.
  13. Your kids must sit facing north while studying for success.
  14. Bachelors who are willing to get married stay at room located north-west.
  15. Keep the center of your home free to flow positive energy. It is good for health, wealth and prosperity.
  16. Place wind chimes on window of bedroom to expand love and happiness between couple.
  17. Try to keep cash in the drawer built in north. Try to keep duplicate key of the drawer inside it to double the success of home owner.

Hope, these tips will help you to bring happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in your life and home. For more help contact our famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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vastu tips for happy married life

#8 Bedroom Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life


Well, you are going to married soon. Hence, you are going to share every moments of your life with your life partner. At present, many of us prepare home in accordance with Vastushastra to enjoy the sweetest fruit in life. Then why do not you try some? Yes, in this blog we are going to explore eight vastu tips to create a healthy and happy atmosphere at your bedroom. These tips will definitely bring happiness and more attachment to your love life as well as married life.

Let us see how vastu impacts your married life even at bedroom.

  1. Remove Clutter from Bedroom: To create peace and serenity in your love life, remove all the clutter from your home, especially under your bed, as it weighs you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past. The clutter makes everything stagnant.
  2. Best Bedroom Direction for Married Couple: Your bedroom has to be in the north-west or south-west side at home. It increases understanding and love between couple.
  3. Right Sleeping Direction: Always sleep keeping your head toward south; it helps positive energy to enter in your body.
  4. Avoid Metal Bed: It is good to sleep on bed made with wood. Bed made with wrought-iron or metal is not good to sleep for married couple.
  5. Best Side to Sleep: Husband should sleep on the right side of bed while wife should sleep on the left side. It would increase love and affection between couple.
  6. Never Use Double Mattress: Always use single mattress to sleep. It is good for positivity and healthy relationship.
  7. Color for Bedroom: Choose light color for your bedroom as it is good for eyes and brain.
  8. Where to Keep Mirror at Home: If you keep mirror at your bedroom after marriage then try to keep it covered.

When you want to know more tips regarding home vastu to improve situation, you can take consultation of vastu expert in Kolkata. Go for personal meeting or consultation over phone according to your need.

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bed room vastu tips 2018

Bed Room Vastu Tips 2018


Often a small change in your bedroom can flip your life from negative to positive. If you are facing health issues, financial crisis, disharmony between you and your spouse then you can surely try bed room vastu tips to ensure happiness in your life. Mr. Raju Saha, one of the best vastu shastra consultants in Kolkata shows you the way to increase positivity at home in making the bedroom at the right direction.

Bedroom Vastu Tips

In this blog, we would explore the tips for bedroom in accordance with Vastu Shastra which helps to bring peace and prosperity at home.

  1. Proper Placement of Bedroom: Avoid sleeping in a room located at the end of a long corridor or where the door opens directly to a staircase. The strong flow of negative vibes may bring illness to the occupants.
  2. Right Bed Position: Keep the bed attached to South or West wall of bedroom. Make sure to lie head position east or south direction.
  3. Proper Body Direction to Sleep: You can sleep facing east, west or north as these three sides provide benefits to the occupants. Avoid sleeping facing the south as it can cause tension, health issues and nightmare to occupants.
  4. Place Bed in Center: Never keep your bed in the corner at bedroom, place it in the center. Married couples should use the master bedroom.
  5. Best Place for Changing Room: Build the changing room in the west or north side of bedroom and always keep the door close of bathroom attached to bedroom.
  6. Best Place for Bedroom Entrance: The door of bedroom should be made in East side. You can consider north or west side too.
  7. Things Should Not be Placed at Bedroom: Do not place mirror, television, computer, laptop, gadgets and pets at bedroom.
  8. Décor at Bedroom: You can keep beautiful piece of picture at bedroom. But avoid keeping status or violence picture hanging in bedroom.
  9. Bedroom for Children: Build the bedroom for children on the east side of your bedroom. It is auspicious for children.
  10. Worst Side for Bedroom: Never build bedroom in the north-east corner of home as it is the side of deities.
  11. Best Color for Bedroom: Paint your bedroom with light green or blue, or light chocolate or rosy color for goodness in life.

Beyond doubt, a bedroom is one of the important parts of home. Whether your house is big or small, if you want to resume happiness at home then you should follow Vastu Shartra bedroom norms. It would not only provide happiness at your home but also you can experience happiness and rise in wealth at home.

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35 Great Vastu Tips to Welcome Good Times and Fortune in 2018

India is an ancient land of tradition. Our forefathers invented the science of Vastu, which remains hidden in nature. But, what actually is it? To put it in simple words, Vastu is the science of direction that effectively combines all the five elements of nature. Then, it strikes a balance of those elements between man and objects. It is a subtle, yet effective way to bring harmony and channelize energies all around an individual.

Here are #35 DIY Vastu tips to bring positive changes to your luck in the upcoming 2018

  1. Place at least one happy family picture in your living room. If there are enough space and possibility, try to include as many happy photos of you and your family members there as possible.
  2. Make sure, your prayer room and washrooms are distant apart. Even if there’s a latrine near to the prayer room, stop using it.
  3. If you want to have an aquarium in a home, it is better to place it in the north-eastern corner of the living room. Some hard-core vastu enthusiasts will also suggest placing 9 gold fishes and 1black fish in the aquarium to ensure the best results.
  4. All academic activities should be done facing the east. Ask your kids to study facing the direction in which the sun rises every morning for better academic performances.
  5. While you sit down for your prayers or worshipping, make sure that you face the north-east direction.
  6. Make sure, your dining space or hall is never at the front of the house and naturally exposed to everyone, who crosses your threshold.
  7. The southern wall of the living room is the best spot to hang a picture of the sunrise. Make sure you don’t miss out this one.
  8. Always stay prepared to usher in Lakshmi ji – the goddess of wealth, good luck and fortune – to your home. Keep your home free from stale food, stale flowers, waste materials and useless articles and things. Keep making room for the new things and objects.
  9. Maintain exemplary cleanliness and hygiene all around the house.
  10. Make sure, your home has natural air flow and there are enough numbers or quantity of water resources inside.
  11. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any obstruction, in form of other buildings or anything, surrounding your piece of land.
  12. Tall trees like the banyan, peepal, neem or that of any thorny trees should not cast their shadows on your building.
  13. There must at least one Tulsi or Basil plant in every household. This plant must be placed in the north-east direction of the plot.
  14. Make sure that all the windows of your house open in the outward direction. They should not open inward.
  15. Take necessary measures so that your latrine seat is installed on the south or the west and you face the north while downloading.
  16. Keeping the bathroom and latrine doors closed as much as possible cuts down the chances of quarrel among household members.
  17. To facilitate ceaseless flowing in of money, place the almirahs should open to the north. Similarly, keep the cash boxes in the southern direction of your room.
  18. Mops and brooms should be kept away from sight. You may keep them in a secluded corner of the kitchen where it is difficult for you as well as for others to see them.
  19. Arrange all your furniture in form of a circle, square or an octagon.
  20. You can have tiny decorative shrubs and plants inside the home, especially Tulsi but place them either in the north or the east. Make sure, they don’t grow above 1.5 meters.
  21. Never ever decorate your kitchen with a mirror.
  22. Keep all the corners of the rooms well-lit after dusk. This keeps away the negative energy.
  23. Avoid using separate mattresses and bed sheets in your bedroom.
  24. Ideally, there should not be any water fountain or plants inside the bedroom.
  25. Television sets and computers should be placed in the south-east corner of the study or living room. They should not clutter up space in your bedroom.
  26. The main door to your home should have bright illumination.
  27. Vastu experts suggest, there shouldn’t be any tall tree close to your building. However, such trees – like coconut, palm, mango and others – should be planted either in the south or the west. Make sure, there’s no such tree in either the east or the north.
  28. Marble is a holy stone. Avoid marble flooring in bedrooms and washrooms. Ideally, marble flooring must be restricted to your prayer room alone.
  29. Thorny plants like cactus stir tension in the surrounding environment. Avoid such plants at home. However, roses and certain thorny medicinal herbs are different from cactus and are allowed indoors in Vastu science.
  30. Display paintings on your walls that reflect positivity, like rising sun, mountain range or mountain tops, sea or ocean, flowers, people making merry and of course laughing children. Avoid paintings that show scenes of war, poverty or old lady crying.
  31. Leave the doors and windows in the north-east direction widely open as much as possible throughout the day regularly to let the positive energy flow inside.
  32. Be careful so that no bed in the household is placed under a beam.
  33. Grease the hinges regularly, so that your doors open without making any noise and attracting attention.
  34. Place a statue of Bajrang Bali ji or Lord Hanuman ji in the south-east direction. It repels hazards and chances of arson.
  35. Place the stove or the burner in the south-east direction in the kitchen, so that you should face the east while you cook.

Follow the tips given above to build a vastu-friendly environment in your home.

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How to position a wall clock in your home for good vastu?

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In each and every house there are clocks to know the time. We usually hang the wall clock where it is comfortable to look. But we don’t think about, whether that position of the clock is right or wrong. I like to tell you, in Vastu Shastra, there have some rules and regulations to keep different objects in some particular place to get the benefits of good vastu home or office. You should take care of some vastu rules when you place a clock in your home or office.

In Vastu Shastra directions are important. If you place a wall clock right position or direction then it brings prosperity and growth to your life. On the other hand, if you place it in a wrong position, then it brings ill effects in your life.

Vastu guidelines for wall clocks in your home or office
  1. To attract new opportunities, wealth and money you should hang a clock in the north direction.
  2. You can place a clock in east direction but, don’t display metal body clock in this direction.
  3. West direction is the best place to keep a metal clock.
  4. A clock should always hang inside of the house.
  5. The clock should be always working condition. If a clock stops then repair or replace it.
  6. A clock should be clean regularly.
  7. Always a clock should be at the right time or 1-2 min ahead of right time.
  8. In your bedroom, you should place wall clock, such that you can see it from the bed when you weak up.
What you should avoid placing a wall clock:
  1. A Wall clock should not place outside of your home.
  2. A wall clock should not hang above any door.
  3. Wall clock should not place in front of the front door when anybody entire the home first he should not see the wall clock.
  4. Wall clock should not place in south direction.
  5. Don’t keep a broken or stopped the clock in your home.
  6. A clock should never be behind the time.
  7. Don’t keep a glass broken wall clock in your home or office. It attracts negative energy.
  8. A wall clock in your bedroom should not reflect your bed.

These are some useful information about wall clock. which you should take care of when you place a wall clock in your home or office.

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Placement of fish aquarium in your home or office to attract wealth.

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Fish aquarium is a beautiful and a powerful vastu remedies. It attracts the power of wealth and abundance. Placing an aquarium in right place in your home or office will attract positive energies which help to attract wealth and happiness.

In Vastu Shastra the balance of five elements is important. In a good vastu aquarium, all five elements are present in different forms and they are balanced.

  1. An aquarium water element is present as a water.
  2. Green plants are air element, which is present in the aquarium.
  3. The bright red colour fishes in aquarium represent fire element.
  4. The small rocks and gravel at the bottom of an aquarium is the element of earth.
  5. The structure of the aquarium is space element.

The placement of an aquarium is very important, when it places correct location then it brings growth, prosperity, wealth and happiness. But if it places in the wrong place it ruined happiness. The best place to keep an aquarium is east of the southeast direction. But you can keep the aquarium in east and north direction.

Benefits of an aquarium in your home or office:
  1. In medical researchers, it found that an aquarium help to reduce high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and many more diseases.
  2. An aquarium help to eliminate negative and evil energies and increase lots of positive energy at your home.
  3. Health and active fishes in your aquarium attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  4. An aquarium help to solve the Vastu defects of your home or office.
  5. Observing fishes in an aquarium will reduce your stress level and bring peace to mind.
Vastu tips for fish aquarium:
  1. An aquarium should be a good combination of Arowana or goldfish.
  2. Healthy and ornamental fishes should keep in the aquarium.
  3. The auspicious number of fishes in a fish tank is nine.
  4. In an aquarium a black fish is important. Blackfish neutralize bad luck.
  5. If any fish dies naturally, then replace it with a new healthy fish.
  6. Clean your aquarium regularly.
  7. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom.
  8. In a kitchen, you should not place an aquarium.
  9. Living room or drawing room is the best place to keep an aquarium.
  10. The best direction to place an aquarium is east of the southeast, east and north.

These are some effective Vastu tips for a fish aquarium.

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Vastu tips for the placement of shoe rack at your home.

Many people have a confusion about shoe rack,  Where to place a shoe rack at home?

In Vastu Shastra, we find a proper guideline for the placement of shoe rack at home. According to astrology, our footwear’s are related to planet Saturn. In Vastu Shastra the direction of planet Saturn is west direction, so placing a shoe rack in the west direction is good. As footwear’s are related to planet Saturn, so you have to care before pacing shoe rack any other place, if you don’t have a place to keep shoe rack in west direction.

Where should you not place shoe rack at your home?
  1. The main entrance to your home is the place from where you home get positive energy. A shoe rack should not place the exact front of the main door. It creates blockages to come positive energy at home.
  2. Shoe rack should not place in the bedroom of your house. Placing it in your bedroom can create negative impact at your married life.
  3. A shoe rack should not place at kitchen and prayer room.
  4. The north-east direction of your home is an auspicious place. This is the place for prayer. So, you should not place shoes in this place.
  5. North direction is the direction of new opportunities, placing shoe rack in this place can create hurdles in your career.
  6. East is the direction of social association and connectivity. You should not place shoes in this direction also.
  7. Southeast direction is the direction of cash flow, this direction is not good for placing shoe rack.
Where to keep shoe rack at your home?
  1. The best direction to keep shoe rack at your home is west and south-west direction.
  2. You can keep shoe rack, outside of the entrance door.
  3. South-west corner of your living room is a good place to keep shoe rack.
  4. You should keep your shoe rack clean and well arranged. An unclean shoe rack increases negative energy at your home.
  5. You should close the shoe rack or cabinet. Which do not allow negativity to spread your home.

These are some simple & effective Vastu tips, which help you, to make your home positive & bring prosperity to your life.

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Vastu tips to bring harmony into your family life.

Some simple and easy way of vastu to bring harmony into your home.

Many people asked us, can vastu help them to bring more harmony into their family life? Can vastu help them to get a loving, harmonious & full of the positive energetic home where everyone is benefited?

Good news is it can be possible using simple & easy Vastu tips at your home.

The primary goal of Vastu Shastra is to bring harmony among the five elements of your home. When five elements of any place are balanced than the inhabitant of that place experience good health, love, and well-being. If the habitant’s of any home don’t feel happy in their home, that means there is something imbalance at their home.

Now here, I discuss some simple vastu tips which help you to bring harmony into your family life.

  1. Images of your happy family:

Happy images of your family members help you to bring happiness to your family life. East of the northeast zone of your home is responsible to bring fun and happiness at your home. If you place images of your family members in this zone it will help you to bring happiness to your life.

  1. Water fountain brings positive energy:

The water fountain is one of the popular vastu remedies. This is used in much vastu cure. Fountain brings the energy of water element, which gives wealth and prosperity. When you place water fountain in the east direction of your home, then it helps to improve your social connectivity.

You should clean water fountain regularly. Avoid keeping water fountain in your bedroom.

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  1. A good bedroom :

A  good vastu in your bedroom is very important, to improve your relationship, harmonize the flow of nourishing, vibration and sensual energy. If your bedroom is cluttered and not arranged properly, then it creates quarrel in your family. So, to bring harmony in your home bed room should be fresh, clean and well organized.

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  1. Geopathic stress level at your home:

To get a successful result in Vastu Shastra, you must consider this factor. 100 years ago this factor is not so important. But these days the electromagnetic pollution level is much higher than past 100 years. So, you should check geopathic stress level of your home to bring the harmony of your family life.

  1. Balance the 5 elements :

To bring harmony to your life you should balance the 5 elements at your home. Apply five element theory to decorate your home.

These are some simple and powerful vastu tips to bring good health, wealth & harmony in your family life.

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