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The application of flower vase in vastu of your home & office to attract new opportunities.

A flower vase is the holding pot to keep flowers. But this flower vase can help you to attract new opportunities in your life. In ancient times this flower vase is used in king’s palaces to attract new opportunities.

Flower vase not only attracts new opportunities in our life it also increase the beauty of our house & office. Fresh flowers also increase the positivity of the house.

To attract new opportunities you should keep flower vase in a particular direction of your house and office.

North Direction is the direction of the water element. This direction gives you new opportunities in your life. When you keep a flower vase at north direction then it helps to boost the positive energy of this direction, as a result, you get new opportunities in your life. This direction you should keep green colour flower vase with red colour flower.


East Direction is the direction of the air element. This direction helps you to connect with peoples, who gives you new opportunities in your life. So, increase the energy of this direction you should keep a blue colour flower vase here. In business, if you keep flower vase in east direction then it will help you to improve customer relationship.


South-East Direction is the direction of the fire element. To convert new opportunities into monitory gains you should activate southeast direction. South-east direction ensure your cash flow & monitory gains. You can use green colour flower vase with a red or yellow colour flower to activate this south-east direction.


These simple vastu application of flower vase in your home and office help you to grave new opportunities in your life.

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10 Vastu Tips to Flourish Money Luck – Try Out

The more you work hard, the more you earn!

More or less every people believe in it. Sometimes your money luck does not smile upon you in spite of your hard work. Have asked yourself why is this happening? Have tried to find the real fact behind it? Do not stress your mind, just read this article and you will get your answer.

Vastu tips for Money luck

Luck is the matter that decides how you can earn and how much you can earn. You will be surprised to know that the vastu of your home affects the money luck sometimes so hard that you need to take care of it. If your home is not built according to vastu then your money luck can be hampered. Kuber is considered the god of wealth. When you to maintain the flow of money at your home and make Kuber lord smiling on you, you need to follow the Vastu tips for money luck,

  • Must-Have Store Room:

Make sure your house has a storeroom in South-west or west direction.

  • Maintain Cleanliness of Doors and Windows:

Keep the doors and windows of your home clean.

  • Clutter-Free Center:

Do not store anything or keep anything in the center of your home.

  • Repair Leakage:

If there is any leaked pipe or faucet at your home then repair it immediately. It can cause loss of your money.

  • Water Fountain:

You can build a water fountain in the north or east direction of your home. Do not let the water flow stop in your fountain.


  • Keep Entrance clean:

Try to keep the entrance and the main door of your home as much as clean. It will attract the flow of money easily and let the positivity find your way home.

  • Fish Aquarium:

To attract the money luck you can keep a piece of an aquarium in the hall or living room at your home. Make sure the aquarium is well placed in the east of the south-east direction and properly cleaned.


  • Feed Birds:

It is good to feed water and grains to the birds that present in your plot or yard. It helps to attract positive energy and money luck.

  • Purple Color

Purple colour has a good impact bringing good fortune and money at your home. So, you can paint a purple colour in the north direction of your home to attract more money & success in your life.

Bedroom colour tips

  • Avoid Toilet in North and South-East Direction:

Toilet have negative energy. If you have a toilet in North direction & the south-east direction of your home then, it will affect the cash flow in your home. It can create an obstacle in the financial flow.


The above-mentioned Vastu tips for money luck have importance to continue the flow of money in our lives.

Maintain it and see the changes.

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5 Tips For Improving Your Career According To Feng Shui Master

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Are you very much concern towards your career? Then if you follow the feng shui principle it will be beneficial for you for shining in your life.

Today we will discuss about the five special tips which can improve your career very well.

  • The benefactor sector in 2018 is northeast and southwest. Display enhance symbol like dragon head tortoise or scepter to active the sectors. This principle has given by chief geomancer TAN KHOON YONG who has 30 years of experience in this field. This feng shui tips is the best career luck for you also. So hurry up and try to use this principle in your home as soon as possible.
  • The left side of the work desk should be higher than the right side. Your desk’s left dictates your level of authority and power where the right side governs the likelihood of lawsuits and litigations. Place more documents on the left hand side especially the special documents. Moreover if you sit and left hand side for studying you can get the fruitful result for this. You can make your left hand side little bit higher rather than the right. It will be good for your career as well as for your wealth. You can feel happy if you do your study by this way.
  • Always maintain harmonious relationships with your friends, clients, colleagues. It means you should maintain some liaison in between your friends, clients and colleagues. If you become helpful and approachable your promotion or salary will be raised quickly and your name will be there on top of the boss’s list. It helps to get more revenue as well as profitability which is the most utmost factor for any organization
  • Always try to keep your work area clutter free. A tidy desk encourages clarity of mind, putting you in a better mood to work productively.
  • Your work area should be a high and sturdy backing. It helps to get more support and it has a stable backing and helps for blood circulation also which is always required. It removes your stress and you can feel relax which brings your concentration towards your work. This is one of the great feng shui tips for career advancement.

Last and foremost thing is that if you have initiativeness, dedication towards your work then you will get good result to your career.

Feng shui experts in Peru takes care of products quality in terms of packaging and designing as well and they are available with us in bulk quantities that have extremely appreciated by our customers in India. They ensure on several parameters of feng shui. Their feng shui principles help to get good shiny career. They have three type of services like –

  • Email consultation service
  • Telephonic consultation service
  • Personal face to face consultation service etc.

So feng shui principle can help for getting a brightful career for anyone. It increases our skills, powers and our life can easily be changed by this way very soon.

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office vastu tips 2018

#6 Vastu Remedies to Ensure Success at Your Office

Not only in home but also in office you can find a great impact of Vastu Shastra. Yes, if you want to achieve the peak of success in your business in short period then Vastu Shastra can definitely help you in correcting the directional errors with Vastu remedies.

Let us see how you can make your office best working place accordance with Vastu Shastra:

1. Reception should be preferably located in the northeastern part of the office. The receptionist should face either the east or north direction.
2. Remove obstacles from the entrance of your office.
3. Keep the central portion of office empty.
4. Keep an aquarium filled with nine goldfishes and one blackfish in the east of the southeast direction, it is good for vastu and good for your business.
5. Keep water bodies in the eastern part or north-east part of office.
6. The cabins for managers and directors as well as desks for office executives should be located in the West direction or south-west direction of your office. You should build cabins and desks for middle level managers and executives either in the eastern zone or in the northern zone of your office. Make place for your field stuffs in the north-west direction of office.

When you are thinking how to grow your business fast and how to give a healthy and energetic work ambiance to your office stuffs, you can consider these Vastu remedies for sure. Book an appointment at Vastu Earth today.

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Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Uncover 17 Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018


Desire to live happy and healthy is common to human. Sometime material comfort and wealth are unable to bring you the healthy and peaceful ambiance at your home and you experience a certain fall in your health.

Healthy Vastu Tips for Better Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Here you can take help of Vastu Shastra that you can lead a healthy and disease free life and experience a great cash flow at home.

  1. Try to light up red bulb in south-east corner at home. Red bulb in south-east reduces the obstacle related to cash flow.
  2. Build puja or prayer room in the north-east direction at home. Make prayer facing north-east direction for good result.
  3. Light up a lamp at night near the water pot everyday to make your coming days in 2018 happy and prosperous.
  4. Do not hang any war picture or picture of violence at home. If you wish to hang fountain or river picture at home then hang them on north or east wall for goodness.
  5. Your main door must open inside and should not make any noise while to open or close.
  6. If you have beam inside your bedroom then do not lay your bed under the beam. It is unhealthy.
  7. If there are five corners ceiling at home then try to keep pyramid or flute to abolish negativity.
  8. Keep the north-east corner of your home close and try not to keep heavy weight things here. Use south or south-west wall to keep heavy weight furniture (Almirah and bed).
  9. Your toilet seat has to be kept facing from north to south. Keep the door locked after use always.
  10. Drink water facing east or north-east for great result.
  11. Sleep in pointing head towards south, east or west.
  12. Keep some family photo on south-west wall it enhances bonding among family.
  13. Your kids must sit facing north while studying for success.
  14. Bachelors who are willing to get married stay at room located north-west.
  15. Keep the center of your home free to flow positive energy. It is good for health, wealth and prosperity.
  16. Place wind chimes on window of bedroom to expand love and happiness between couple.
  17. Try to keep cash in the drawer built in north. Try to keep duplicate key of the drawer inside it to double the success of home owner.

Hope, these tips will help you to bring happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in your life and home. For more help contact our famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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Placement of fish aquarium in your home or office to attract wealth.

Fish aquarium is a beautiful and a powerful vastu remedies. It attracts the power of wealth and abundance. Placing an aquarium in right place in your home or office will attract positive energies which help to attract wealth and happiness.

In Vastu Shastra the balance of five elements is important. In a good vastu aquarium, all five elements are present in different forms and they are balanced.

  1. An aquarium water element is present as a water.
  2. Green plants are air element, which is present in the aquarium.
  3. The bright red colour fishes in aquarium represent fire element.
  4. The small rocks and gravel at the bottom of an aquarium is the element of earth.
  5. The structure of the aquarium is the space element.


The placement of an aquarium is very important, when it places correct location then it brings growth, prosperity, wealth and happiness. But if it places in the wrong place it ruined happiness. The best place to keep an aquarium is east of the southeast direction. But you can keep the aquarium in east and north direction.


Where To Keep Tortoise at Home according to Vastu


Benefits of an aquarium in your home or office:
  1. In medical researchers, it found that an aquarium help to reduce high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and many more diseases.
  2. An aquarium help to eliminate negative and evil energies and increase lots of positive energy at your home.
  3. Health and active fishes in your aquarium attract good fortune, wealth and happiness.
  4. An aquarium help to solve the Vastu defects of your home or office.
  5. Observing fishes in an aquarium will reduce your stress level and bring peace to mind.


Vastu tips for fish aquarium:
  1. An aquarium should be a good combination of Arowana or goldfish.
  2. Healthy and ornamental fishes should keep in the aquarium.
  3. The auspicious number of fishes in a fish tank is nine.
  4. In an aquarium a black fish is important. Blackfish neutralize bad luck.
  5. If any fish dies naturally, then replace it with a new healthy fish.
  6. Clean your aquarium regularly.
  7. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom.
  8. In a kitchen, you should not place an aquarium.
  9. Living room or drawing room is the best place to keep an aquarium.
  10. The best direction to place an aquarium is east of the southeast, east and north.

These are some effective Vastu tips for a fish aquarium.


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How to use water fountain in your home or office for more growth & prosperity?

Fountains bring positive vastu energies at your home or office.

The water fountain is one of the popular vastu remedies, in ancient India. water fountains are used at palaces in India. These water fountains come in any size, shapes, and materials. Fountains are used indoor and outdoor both places.

Water fountains are not only increasing the beauty of any place, it also increases the power of water element of the house. If water element is disturbed, then water fountain work as a cure. The energy of water element is the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

How water fountain work?

In sea beaches and waterfalls, we get negative ions. Negative ions help us to enhance our mood, stimulate senses, improve appetite and sexual drive, provide relief from allergies, migraines etc.

When we place a water fountain at our home or office then that place quantity of negative ions is increased and positive ions decreased. As a result, we get good health.

But we can’t place water fountain anywhere.  We have to concede the vastu rules before placing water fountain at home and office.

Finding the Best direction for fountain:

The best vastu directions for water fountain are

  • North direction: north is the direction of water element, this is an auspicious direction for a fountain. Placing a fountain in this direction brings new opportunities, growth in business, success.
  • East direction: East is the direction of the air element. This is also an auspicious direction for a fountain. Placing a fountain in this direction bring brilliant thoughts, harmony in the family, good social relationship, fun in life.

    How to use water fountain to gain more benefit?

  • Placing a fountain in front of the entrance of your home or office is beneficial.
  • If you place a fountain outside of your home, then make sure the water flow towards your home.
  • You can use fountain at north for career growth.
  • If you want to gain good health you should place the fountain in the north-north east zone.
  • If a water fountain place at the office, it will help to reduce stress and give power.
  • Using crystals and essential oil at you fountain will double the energy benefit.
  • The fountain water should be clean on regular basis.
  • In you, water fountain water should flow freely without any obstacles.
What to avoid:
  • You should not keep 2 fountains at the entrance. It will bring a negative result.
  • The fountain should not block or make any obstacle at your entrance.
  • The fountain is a water element, never place it fire and earth element directions.
  • Avoid placing it in the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing it in your kitchen.
  • Fountain should not place under staircases.
  • Never keep a broken fountain at your home.
  • Make you fountain clutter free.

These all you need to take care while you are placing a water fountain at your home or office.

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The South Facing Door Colour

How to chose your front door colour?

How to use vastu to get a fast result from your vision board?


Vastu tips for the placement of shoe rack at your home.

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Vastu tips for Career Success

Vastu has many tips and cures, which help you to achieve your career goals and get success. Using Career Vastu tips you can easily attract positive energies which give you success in your life. For your career success, it is important that both your home and office have to have good positive energy because your personal energy is connected to both your home and your office.
You have to look into the basics of Vastu, to implementing vastu cures and tips for career success.

You need to have this knowledge in order to create a solid foundation for any other Vastu cures to really work long term.
To use Vastu for career success, you will have to very clear on two things:
How will the overall energy of success feel and appearance to you? However, can your home and office modification once you have got the success you want? Don’t enable any blocking thoughts to remain in your mind that you need more money in order to make a Vastu space for success. This is often not true. An area that is clean, fresh and free of clutter has nothing to do with having more money, but it does reflect a personality that is clear in what it wants and it ready to go for it.

What will the specific energy of career success in your field look like? You need to create a strong visual anchor in order to attract more career success by being very clear on how ever this energy is expressed in your specific career.
For an example, if you are a painter, use photo of successful painters, images of their best creations that you like, keep these in your home and work place. This is an example, as you are the only one who knows best what your dream of.
After you invest some energy characterizing these two important Vastu factors for your profession achievement, pick Vastu tips and cures from the list below and make certain to apply them in your home and in your office.

1. North direction: North is the direction of water element, this direction is connected to your career. So, if you are facing career related problems than the energy of your home or office north direction is disturbed. May be you keep dustbin, store or toilet is there. North direction should be clean. You can use green plants at your north direction that give you career growth.

2. East direction: East is the direction of the air element, this direction help you to connect with peoples or society. The East direction is very important to connect you with the rest of the world. Avoid stores in the east direction.

3. South-west direction: South-west is the direction of the earth element, earth element give you stability. Earth element helps you to improve your skills. When earth element of your home & office is balanced then you can use best of your skills. Avoid any water elements from south west directions, that badly affect your career.

4. North-west direction: North-west is the direction of the metal element, Northwest direction give you support. This direction can help you to attract many helpful people in your life. So, you should balance this direction for your career success.

5. South direction: south is the direction of the fire element, south direction gives you name, fame & recognition. So this direction is very important for your career growth & success. Make sure your south direction is balanced for your success.
You can keep a red flower vase in the south to increase the energy of south direction.

So after following two steps and balancing five directions of five elements in your home and office you can get more success and attract new opportunities in your life.

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