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How to overcome depression and live a happy life

This blog is taken from vastuearth client’s case study. How a happy couple faces depression in their life and with the help of proper vastu planning they get back happiness in their life.

One of the happy couple Manoj and Reshma, who live in Kolkata. They are planning to buy a flat. After saving for many years finally they bought their dream home. Things were fine before they moved their new home, But after shifting new flat Manoj and Reshma notice some changes in their behaviour.

They felt that marital arguments and fights were increasing day by day. They start fighting on little things, which they don’t do before. Both Manoj and Reshma felt exhausted most of the time. Then Manoj noticed that Reshma was always depressed and had lost interest in almost everything. Reshma was a homemaker and she spent her most of the time at home. Earlier she used to be a cheerful and vivacious person, but after shifting new home she is staying depressed.

Manoj also noticed similar changes in himself too. He was a calm and peaceful person. Now he becomes angry in a minute when he stepped into the house. Their new house is full of new furniture and designed very well, but the people live in this house was not happy. That time they also notice when these couples go for any tour or out of their house they were totally different person. No arguments & fights between them.

Manoj thought about vastu. Whether it could possibly help us. Manoj searched on the internet and after looking at many sites he found He contacts vastuearth for his house vastu consultation.

On the visit of vastuearth consultant Mr Raju Saha. We found the couple was sleeping at West of the northwest(WNW) zone.  This vastu zone is responsible for depression. And the couple was sleeping that vastu zone from the 1st day when they shift this home. Vastu consultant shifts there bed from WNW zone to southwest zone.

Their bedroom was painted dark red colour and the southwest room is also the same colour. This dark red colour in Southwest & west of the northwest zone caused anger and fight. So we change the colour of both these rooms. We use a cream colour in these rooms.

There were some cuts in their house in the south and south-southeast zone of their house. As a result, they feel restlessness. So these the treated by vastu remedies. And our vastu consultant suggests some other vastu techniques rectify the elemental imbalance of the house.

After getting vastu consultant suggestion and vastu report from Vastuearth. Manoj within 3 weeks he implements all changes in his house. And feel changes in his life. He and his wife overcome depression and got back all happiness and love in their life. After a month Manoj calls to vastuearth and give his feedback to us and he recommend us for his friend’s home vastu.

Vastu Shastra has very powerful tools and techniques to solve our life problems related to health, wealth, education & relationship. Use the expertise of vastuearth to solve your vastu related problems and live a happy, healthy & wealthy life.

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vastu tips for happy married life

#8 Bedroom Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life


Well, you are going to married soon. Hence, you are going to share every moments of your life with your life partner. At present, many of us prepare home in accordance with Vastushastra to enjoy the sweetest fruit in life. Then why do not you try some? Yes, in this blog we are going to explore eight vastu tips to create a healthy and happy atmosphere at your bedroom. These tips will definitely bring happiness and more attachment to your love life as well as married life.

Let us see how vastu impacts your married life even at bedroom.

  1. Remove Clutter from Bedroom: To create peace and serenity in your love life, remove all the clutter from your home, especially under your bed, as it weighs you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past. The clutter makes everything stagnant.
  2. Best Bedroom Direction for Married Couple: Your bedroom has to be in the north-west or south-west side at home. It increases understanding and love between couple.
  3. Right Sleeping Direction: Always sleep keeping your head toward south; it helps positive energy to enter in your body.
  4. Avoid Metal Bed: It is good to sleep on bed made with wood. Bed made with wrought-iron or metal is not good to sleep for married couple.
  5. Best Side to Sleep: Husband should sleep on the right side of bed while wife should sleep on the left side. It would increase love and affection between couple.
  6. Never Use Double Mattress: Always use single mattress to sleep. It is good for positivity and healthy relationship.
  7. Color for Bedroom: Choose light color for your bedroom as it is good for eyes and brain.
  8. Where to Keep Mirror at Home: If you keep mirror at your bedroom after marriage then try to keep it covered.

When you want to know more tips regarding home vastu to improve situation, you can take consultation of vastu expert in Kolkata. Go for personal meeting or consultation over phone according to your need.

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