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Get Rid of Sleeplessness Choosing the Right Vastu Direction to Place Head

Do you know that sleeping in the wrong direction can ruin your life and health? Yes, it is true. You can attract bad luck in your life if you do not bother to maintain sleeping direction Vastu tips.

Right Sleeping Tips to Follow Based on Vastu

Most of the people think that sleeping in any direction is auspicious. Though, it is not the right thing. If you do not sleep in the proper direction then you can suffer from sleeplessness. Sleeplessness for a long time can affect your health and you can loss positive energies from your mind and body. You can have a sound sleep and a better life if you sleep in the right direction at your home. Let us know which the right directions to sleep according to Vastu are.

  • Sleeping Facing North: If you sleep in heading south direction and facing north then it is the best direction to sleep. It helps to increase happiness, positivity and luck at your home. Sleeping in this direction provides better sleep and sound health.
  • Sleeping Facing South: When you sleep heading north and facing south, you will get the adverse effect. Sleeping in this position is not good for health and mind. According to Hindu Shastra, only a dead body is kept heading towards the north and facing the south. If you sleep in this position then you will suffer from insomnia and longtime sickness.
  • Sleeping Facing East: If you have the habit of keeping your head in the west then you got a good habit. You will be endowed with name, prosperity, fame and luck when you sleep facing east and heading west.
  • Sleeping Facing West: One of the best directions to sleep is to keep your head to east and face to the west. It will increase the memory, power of concentration, and your capability of the brain. It is the best direction to sleep for students.

To keep aside the negative effects from body and mind, east and south directions are the best to place head.

Sleeping Guideline for Married Couples

If you are newly married then you must follow a rule to earn good sleep. It is good to sleep heading south when you are sleeping with your spouse or partner, and it is recommended the best vastu sleeping position for couples.

Bed Side Vastu Rules of Couples

When it is to choose the right side to sleep for husband and wife of bed, the husband should sleep on the right side of bed and wife should in the left side.

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Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Uncover 17 Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018


Desire to live happy and healthy is common to human. Sometime material comfort and wealth are unable to bring you the healthy and peaceful ambiance at your home and you experience a certain fall in your health.

Healthy Vastu Tips for Better Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Here you can take help of Vastu Shastra that you can lead a healthy and disease free life and experience a great cash flow at home.

  1. Try to light up red bulb in south-east corner at home. Red bulb in south-east reduces the obstacle related to cash flow.
  2. Build puja or prayer room in the north-east direction at home. Make prayer facing north-east direction for good result.
  3. Light up a lamp at night near the water pot everyday to make your coming days in 2018 happy and prosperous.
  4. Do not hang any war picture or picture of violence at home. If you wish to hang fountain or river picture at home then hang them on north or east wall for goodness.
  5. Your main door must open inside and should not make any noise while to open or close.
  6. If you have beam inside your bedroom then do not lay your bed under the beam. It is unhealthy.
  7. If there are five corners ceiling at home then try to keep pyramid or flute to abolish negativity.
  8. Keep the north-east corner of your home close and try not to keep heavy weight things here. Use south or south-west wall to keep heavy weight furniture (Almirah and bed).
  9. Your toilet seat has to be kept facing from north to south. Keep the door locked after use always.
  10. Drink water facing east or north-east for great result.
  11. Sleep in pointing head towards south, east or west.
  12. Keep some family photo on south-west wall it enhances bonding among family.
  13. Your kids must sit facing north while studying for success.
  14. Bachelors who are willing to get married stay at room located north-west.
  15. Keep the center of your home free to flow positive energy. It is good for health, wealth and prosperity.
  16. Place wind chimes on window of bedroom to expand love and happiness between couple.
  17. Try to keep cash in the drawer built in north. Try to keep duplicate key of the drawer inside it to double the success of home owner.

Hope, these tips will help you to bring happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in your life and home. For more help contact our famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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Vastu tips for the placement of shoe rack at your home.

Many people have a confusion about shoe rack,  Where to place a shoe rack at home?

In Vastu Shastra, we find a proper guideline for the placement of shoe rack at home. According to astrology, our footwear’s are related to planet Saturn. In Vastu Shastra the direction of planet Saturn is west direction, so placing a shoe rack in the west direction is good. As footwear’s are related to planet Saturn, so you have to care before pacing shoe rack any other place, if you don’t have a place to keep shoe rack in west direction.

Where should you not place shoe rack at your home?
  1. The main entrance to your home is the place from where you home get positive energy. A shoe rack should not place the exact front of the main door. It creates blockages to come positive energy at home.
  2. Shoe rack should not place in the bedroom of your house. Placing it in your bedroom can create negative impact at your married life.
  3. A shoe rack should not place at kitchen and prayer room.
  4. The north-east direction of your home is an auspicious place. This is the place for prayer. So, you should not place shoes in this place.
  5. North direction is the direction of new opportunities, placing shoe rack in this place can create hurdles in your career.
  6. East is the direction of social association and connectivity. You should not place shoes in this direction also.
  7. Southeast direction is the direction of cash flow, this direction is not good for placing shoe rack.
Where to keep shoe rack at your home?
  1. The best direction to keep shoe rack at your home is west and south-west direction.
  2. You can keep shoe rack, outside of the entrance door.
  3. South-west corner of your living room is a good place to keep shoe rack.
  4. You should keep your shoe rack clean and well arranged. An unclean shoe rack increases negative energy at your home.
  5. You should close the shoe rack or cabinet. Which do not allow negativity to spread your home.

These are some simple & effective Vastu tips, which help you, to make your home positive & bring prosperity to your life.


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Vastu tips to bring harmony into your family life.

Some simple and easy way of vastu to bring harmony into your home.

Many people asked us, can vastu help them to bring more harmony into their family life? Can vastu help them to get a loving, harmonious & full of the positive energetic home where everyone is benefited?

Good news is it can be possible using simple & easy Vastu tips at your home.

The primary goal of Vastu Shastra is to bring harmony among the five elements of your home. When five elements of any place are balanced than the inhabitant of that place experience good health, love, and well-being. If the habitant’s of any home don’t feel happy in their home, that means there is something imbalance at their home.

Now here, I discuss some simple vastu tips which help you to bring harmony into your family life.

  1. Images of your happy family:

Happy images of your family members help you to bring happiness to your family life. East of the northeast zone of your home is responsible to bring fun and happiness at your home. If you place images of your family members in this zone it will help you to bring happiness to your life.

  1. Water fountain brings positive energy:

The water fountain is one of the popular vastu remedies. This is used in much vastu cure. Fountain brings the energy of water element, which gives wealth and prosperity. When you place water fountain in the east direction of your home, then it helps to improve your social connectivity.

You should clean water fountain regularly. Avoid keeping water fountain in your bedroom.

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  1. A good bedroom :

A  good vastu in your bedroom is very important, to improve your relationship, harmonize the flow of nourishing, vibration and sensual energy. If your bedroom is cluttered and not arranged properly, then it creates quarrel in your family. So, to bring harmony in your home bed room should be fresh, clean and well organized.

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  1. Geopathic stress level at your home:

To get a successful result in Vastu Shastra, you must consider this factor. 100 years ago this factor is not so important. But these days the electromagnetic pollution level is much higher than past 100 years. So, you should check geopathic stress level of your home to bring the harmony of your family life.

  1. Balance the 5 elements :

To bring harmony to your life you should balance the 5 elements at your home. Apply five element theory to decorate your home.

These are some simple and powerful vastu tips to bring good health, wealth & harmony in your family life.

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Hello friend’s, every one want to live a healthy life. That’s why we go to the gym & take diet food but after all of our effort, we get sick physically or mentally. Let first understand what is good health.  Good health is, ‘the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.  So, here we find three aspects of good health, but two aspects are broad aspect these are 1st is  Physical health and 2nd is mental health. Now, the question is how Vastu of a house can affect our physical and mental health?

Health is one of the parts of Vastu of your home. No matter your health is slightly out of balance, or you have been going through health complications for a while now, good vastu can help increase your energy levels and stay healthy.

But when Vastu of any house is disturbed or imbalanced then residents have to face many health and wealth-related complications. There are many reasons for bad Vastu. We discuss here some of the reason for bad Vastu which affect our health.

  1. House cleaning and rearranging: If the house is not cleaned regularly and not arranged properly. Then negative energy store our house, as a result, we get health-related issues. So we have to clean home regularly and rearrange your furniture as per Vastu rules.
  2. Fresh and good quality air: very often we ignore the quality of air inside our house. For good vastu we have to check the proper air flow should be maintained. We have to open windows for good airflow. To maintain good air quality we keep indoor air purifying plants. These will help to increase the flow of positive energy which is required for good health and well-being.
  3. Sufficient natural light: another important thing is sunlight. In vastu along with fresh air, sunlight is important.  When sunlight come your home the destroy many bacteria’s and circulate positive energies. These way natural light help to improve health and well-being.
  4. Bedroom: The health of a residence depends on the location and positioning of bad. In Vastu Shastra we get 16 directions, each direction has a different type of quality. If the bad of residence is placed in south-south-west direction, then residents will be suffering from diseases and depression.
  5. Kitchen: similarly bedroom, the location of the kitchen is also affect our health. The fire element is present in the kitchen. The place of fire element at our home in the southeast direction. If the kitchen is located in the south-east zone of the house it will be very good for our health and wealth. Southeast zones kitchen help residents to improve immunity power.
  6. Toilet and bathroom: toilet and bathroom are very sensitive. In vastu, for toilet and bathroom have few specific direction. If the toilet is placed some other direction then that can create problems related to that zone.

But we should always avoid toilet location at north-east direction. If you have a toilet in the north-east direction that will create many physical and psychological diseases.

  1. Geopathic stress: geopathic stress is one of the major reason for bad health and diseases. If anybody lives in a geopathic zone for a long time he will suffer from low immunity, depression, tumours, diseases of the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, miscarriages and cancer.

These are some reason we have to take care to get a healthy house. Balancing the vastu zones and earth energies we can get a healthy and wealthy house.

Treat your body with respect and give it the energy of beauty and joy- this will inevitably attract good health and well-being.

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