Explore 7 Vastu Tips & Location for Locker Room at Home

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Explore 7 Vastu Tips & Location for Locker Room at Home

Earn anything you wish for when you have loads of cash in your hand. Hence, it is mandatory thing to keep cash safe at bank or home. When you have decided to keep hard cash at home, first you need to build a locker at your home. No doubt, the locker room will be built according to vastu. Vastu says that a locker room which is not built based on vastu can be casue of unwanted cash flow. Make sure your locker is safe and secure to hold cash, jewelry and expensive ornaments. If you do not know which room and direction is best to build locker room then you can consult with home Vastu expert in Kolkata.

7 Rules to Follow in Building Locker Room at Home

Based on Vastu Shastra, a locker room at home should be located in the west direction. West is the preferable direction for a locker room. Locker room which is built in the wrong direction of the home can cause outflow of cash due to unexpected reasons. Let us see which rule should be followed to build locker room at home.

  1. The locker should be built at the west direction at home.
  2. The shape of the locker room has to be rectangular or square. An oddly shaped locker room is considered inauspicious.
  3. The sides of locker room should not be extended in any condition.
  4. The locker or almirah should be placed on the south or west wall and the face of the locker should be towards the north or east direction.
  5. The colour of the locker room has to be yellow. It is considered good for accumulating wealth.
  6. Avoid north of the north-west and south of the south-west corner to keep locker or almirah.
  7. The room will have only one door in the east or north direction.

If you are unable to manage building locker room in the west direction of your home then you can consider building the locker room in the south-east direction. It is better to consult with home vastu expert in Kolkata prior to start building locker room at home.

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