Uncover 17 Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

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Uncover 17 Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Desire to live happy and healthy is common to human. Sometime material comfort and wealth are unable to bring you the healthy and peaceful ambiance at your home and you experience a certain fall in your health.

Healthy Vastu Tips for Better Good Health and Wealth in 2018

Here you can take help of Vastu Shastra that you can lead a healthy and disease free life and experience a great cash flow at home.

  1. Try to light up red bulb in south-east corner at home. Red bulb in south-east reduces the obstacle related to cash flow.
  2. Build puja or prayer room in the north-east direction at home. Make prayer facing north-east direction for good result.
  3. Light up a lamp at night near the water pot everyday to make your coming days in 2018 happy and prosperous.
  4. Do not hang any war picture or picture of violence at home. If you wish to hang fountain or river picture at home then hang them on north or east wall for goodness.
  5. Your main door must open inside and should not make any noise while to open or close.
  6. If you have beam inside your bedroom then do not lay your bed under the beam. It is unhealthy.
  7. If there are five corners ceiling at home then try to keep pyramid or flute to abolish negativity.
  8. Keep the north-east corner of your home close and try not to keep heavy weight things here. Use south or south-west wall to keep heavy weight furniture (Almirah and bed).
  9. Your toilet seat has to be kept facing from north to south. Keep the door locked after use always.
  10. Drink water facing east or north-east for great result.
  11. Sleep in pointing head towards south, east or west.
  12. Keep some family photo on south-west wall it enhances bonding among family.
  13. Your kids must sit facing north while studying for success.
  14. Bachelors who are willing to get married stay at room located north-west.
  15. Keep the center of your home free to flow positive energy. It is good for health, wealth and prosperity.
  16. Place wind chimes on window of bedroom to expand love and happiness between couple.
  17. Try to keep cash in the drawer built in north. Try to keep duplicate key of the drawer inside it to double the success of home owner.

Hope, these tips will help you to bring happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in your life and home. For more help contact our famous vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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