Bed Room Vastu Tips 2018

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Bed Room Vastu Tips 2018

bed room vastu tips 2018

Often a small change in your bedroom can flip your life from negative to positive. If you are facing health issues, financial crisis, disharmony between you and your spouse then you can surely try bed room vastu tips to ensure happiness in your life. Mr. Raju Saha, one of the best vastu shastra consultants in Kolkata shows you the way to increase positivity at home in making the bedroom at the right direction.

Bedroom Vastu Tips

In this blog, we would explore the tips for bedroom in accordance with Vastu Shastra which helps to bring peace and prosperity at home.

  1. Proper Placement of Bedroom: Avoid sleeping in a room located at the end of a long corridor or where the door opens directly to a staircase. The strong flow of negative vibes may bring illness to the occupants.
  2. Right Bed Position: Keep the bed attached to South or West wall of bedroom. Make sure to lie head position east or south direction.
  3. Proper Body Direction to Sleep: You can sleep facing east, west or north as these three sides provide benefits to the occupants. Avoid sleeping facing the south as it can cause tension, health issues and nightmare to occupants.
  4. Place Bed in Center: Never keep your bed in the corner at bedroom, place it in the center. Married couples should use the master bedroom.
  5. Best Place for Changing Room: Build the changing room in the west or north side of bedroom and always keep the door close of bathroom attached to bedroom.
  6. Best Place for Bedroom Entrance: The door of bedroom should be made in East side. You can consider north or west side too.
  7. Things Should Not be Placed at Bedroom: Do not place mirror, television, computer, laptop, gadgets and pets at bedroom.
  8. Décor at Bedroom: You can keep beautiful piece of picture at bedroom. But avoid keeping status or violence picture hanging in bedroom.
  9. Bedroom for Children: Build the bedroom for children on the east side of your bedroom. It is auspicious for children.
  10. Worst Side for Bedroom: Never build bedroom in the north-east corner of home as it is the side of deities.
  11. Best Color for Bedroom: Paint your bedroom with light green or blue, or light chocolate or rosy color for goodness in life.

Beyond doubt, a bedroom is one of the important parts of home. Whether your house is big or small, if you want to resume happiness at home then you should follow Vastu Shartra bedroom norms. It would not only provide happiness at your home but also you can experience happiness and rise in wealth at home.

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