35 Great Vastu Tips to Welcome Good Times and Fortune in 2018

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35 Great Vastu Tips to Welcome Good Times and Fortune in 2018

India is an ancient land of tradition. Our forefathers invented the science of Vastu, which remains hidden in nature. But, what actually is it? To put it in simple words, Vastu is the science of direction that effectively combines all the five elements of nature. Then, it strikes a balance of those elements between man and objects. It is a subtle, yet effective way to bring harmony and channelize energies all around an individual.

Here are #35 DIY vastu tips to bring positive changes to your luck in the upcoming 2018

  1. Place at least one happy family picture in your living room. If there’s enough space and possibility, try to include as many happy photos of you and your family members there as possible.
  2. Make sure, your prayer room and washrooms are distant apart. Even if there’s a latrine near to the prayer room, stop using it.
  3. If you want to have an aquarium in home, it is better to place it in the north-eastern corner of the living room. Some hard-core vastu enthusiasts will also suggest placing 9 gold fishes and 1black fish in the aquarium to ensure the best results.
  4. All academic activities should be done facing the east. Ask your kids to study facing the direction in which the sun rises every morning for better academic performances.
  5. While you sit down for your prayers or worshipping, make sure that you face the north-east direction.
  6. Make sure, your dining space or hall is never at the front of the house and naturally exposed to everyone, who crosses over your threshold.
  7. The southern wall of the living room is the best spot to hang a picture of sunrise. Make sure you don’t miss out this one.
  8. Always stay prepared to usher in Lakshmi ji – the goddess of wealth, good luck and fortune – to your home. Keep your home free from stale food, stale flowers, waste materials and useless articles and things. Keep making room for the new things and objects.
  9. Maintain exemplary cleanliness and hygiene all around the house.
  10. Make sure, your home has natural air flow and there are enough numbers or quantity of water resources inside.
  11. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any obstruction, in form of other buildings or anything, surrounding your piece of land.
  12. Tall trees like banyan, peepal, neem or that of any thorny trees should not cast their shadows on your building.
  13. There must atleast one Tulsi or Basil plant in every household. This plant must be placed in the north-east direction of the plot.
  14. Make sure that all the windows of your house open in the outward direction.  They should not open inward.
  15. Take necessary measures so that your latrine seat is installed on the south or the west and you face the north while downloading.
  16. Keeping the bathroom and latrine doors closed as much as possible cuts down the chances of quarrel among household members.
  17. To facilitate ceaseless flowing in of money, place the almirahs should open to the north. Similarly, keep the cash boxes in the southern direction of your room.
  18. Mops and brooms should be kept away from sight. You may keep them in a secluded corner of the kitchen where it is difficult for you as well as for others to see them.
  19. Arrange all your furniture in form of a circle, square or an octagon.
  20. You can have tiny decorative shrubs and plants inside home, especially Tulsi but place them either in the north or the east. Make sure, they don’t grow above 1.5 meter.
  21. Never ever decorate your kitchen with a mirror.
  22. Keep all the corners of the rooms well-lit after dusk. This keeps away the negative energy.
  23. Avoid using separate mattresses and bed sheets in your bedroom.
  24. Ideally, there should not be any water feature or plants inside the bedroom.
  25. Television sets and computers should be placed in the south-east corner of the study or living room. They should not clutter up the space in your bedroom.
  26. The main door to your home should have bright illumination.
  27. Vastu experts suggest, there shouldn’t be any tall tree close to your building. However, such trees – like coconut, palm, mango and others – should be planted either in the south or the west. Make sure, there’s no such tree in either the east or the north.
  28. Marble is a holy stone. Avoid marble flooring in bedrooms and washrooms. Ideally, marble flooring must be restricted to your prayer room alone.
  29. Thorny plants like cactus stirs tension in the surrounding environment. Avoid such plants at home. However, roses and certain thorny medicinal herbs are different from cactus and are allowed indoors in Vastu science.
  30. Display paintings on your walls that reflect positivity, like rising sun, moutain range or mountain tops, sea or ocean, flowers, people making merry and of course laughing children. Avoid paintings that show scenes of war, poverty or old lady crying.
  31. Leave the doors and windows in the north-east direction widely open as much as possible throughout the day regularly to let the positive energy flow inside.
  32. Be careful so that no bed in the household is placed under a beam.
  33. Grease the hinges regularly, so that your doors open without making any noise and attracting attention.
  34. Place a statue of Vajrangbali ji or Lord Hanuman ji in the south-east direction. It repels hazards and chances of arson.
  35. Place the stove or the burner in the south-east direction in the kitchen, so that you should face the east while you cook.

Follow the tips given above to build a vastu-friendly environment in your home.

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