How to position a wall clock in your home for good vastu?

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How to position a wall clock in your home for good vastu?

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In each and every house there are clocks to know the time. We usually hang the wall clock where it is comfortable to look. But we don’t think about, whether that position of the clock is right or wrong. I like to tell you, in Vastu Shastra, there have some rules and regulations to keep different objects in some particular place to get the benefits of good vastu home or office. You should take care of some vastu rules when you place a clock in your home or office.

In Vastu Shastra directions are important. If you place a wall clock right position or direction then it brings prosperity and growth to your life. On the other hand, if you place it in a wrong position, then it brings ill effects in your life.

Vastu guidelines for wall clocks in your home or office
  1. To attract new opportunities, wealth and money you should hang a clock in the north direction.
  2. You can place a clock in east direction but, don’t display metal body clock in this direction.
  3. West direction is the best place to keep a metal clock.
  4. A clock should always hang inside of the house.
  5. The clock should be always working condition. If a clock stops then repair or replace it.
  6. A clock should be clean regularly.
  7. Always a clock should be at the right time or 1-2 min ahead of right time.
  8. In your bedroom, you should place wall clock, such that you can see it from the bed when you weak up.
What you should avoid placing a wall clock:
  1. A Wall clock should not place outside of your home.
  2. A wall clock should not hang above any door.
  3. Wall clock should not place in front of the front door when anybody entire the home first he should not see the wall clock.
  4. Wall clock should not place in south direction.
  5. Don’t keep a broken or stopped the clock in your home.
  6. A clock should never be behind the time.
  7. Don’t keep a glass broken wall clock in your home or office. It attracts negative energy.
  8. A wall clock in your bedroom should not reflect your bed.

These are some useful information about wall clock. which you should take care of when you place a wall clock in your home or office.

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