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Vastu tips for bedroom

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Vastu tips for the bedroom: what you should not do in your bedroom?

Hello friend, in Vastu shastra a bed room is the place where one relaxes physically and mentally. obviously, it should be located in that direction which is conducive for relaxation and mental peace.

In this blog I tell you what are the activities you should not do in your bad room, that will disturb the energy of a bed room and break your mental peace and relaxation.

  • Home office in your bedroom:


Create a home office in your bedroom is not good. When you bad room is full of office files, papers, bills and other office stuff that will disturb the energy of a bedroom. As a result, we don’t get proper relaxation. So it should be avoided to make an office in your bed room.

  • TV in your bed room

In many bed rooms TV is common, but keeping a big TV very close to your bed is very harmful. TV in your bedroom is one of the worst decision you can make for a variety of reasons. It will badly affect you physical and mental health as well as your relationship.

  • Photos in bed room

Many people have photographs in the bed room. When you keep photos in your bed room you should follow some Vastu instructions. In bed bedroom, you should not keep photo’s related to war, sadness, dark things, bad emotions. It affects our subconscious mind and our relationship.

  • Old memories

If you store under your bed store box, then you should not store their anything related with you bad memories, or any close person’s stuff who is not alive. That things disturb the energy of your bed room.

  • Colour of bed room

Colours have a great role in our life. In Vastu, we should choose colours of any room as per five elements rule. You bed room colour should be painted as per vastu directions. You should avoid depressing, dull and sad colours in your bed room.

  • Dying plants

    dry plant

Keeping plants in your bed room is very good. It helps to improve the quality of air. But you have any dead plant or dying plant in your bad room that is not good. Dead plants and dry flowers have negative energy, so you should avoid them from your bed room.

  • Sleeping direction

    sleeping direction

In vastu shastra it’s clearly told that which directions are not good for sleeping. Sleeping with your head in north direction is not recommended by vastu Shasta. Only dead body’s head is kept towards north direction.

  • Fresh air and Natural light

Fresh air and natural light is very important for good health and boost positive energies at you bed room. You should avoid making your room dark & close windows at day time. Make your bed room clean and healthy.

I  hope you will follow these simple and very effective Vastu tips in your bed room and get relaxed and peaceful sleep. Thank you.


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