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Vastu for Home

The application of vastu at you home help you to get good health and achieve the goals of your life in all sector.

Vastu for Office

The application of vastu at modern offices helps to attract new opportunities, stronger employee relationship, client satisfaction etc..

Vastu for Factory

The application of vastu at your factory or industry help you to increase productivity, profitability, harmony among workers etc…


The word ‘Geopatic’ derived from the words ‘Geo’ meaning earth, and ‘pathos’ meaning disease or suffering, so literally ‘the suffering of the earth’

Vaastu Vigyan

Good Health, Wealth and Happiness for Everyone, Increased Good Fortune, Good Reputation


Good Health, Wealth and Happiness for Everyone, Increased Good Fortune, Good Reputation

Welcome to the vastu earth One of the Best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Kolkata

Our goal is to solve your real life problems, through our vastu consultancy services and make your life easy and better.

Our services designed to achieve your life goals and get best result in your life. We provide you vastu solutions for your home, office and factory. Our vastu solution by the expert analyst for your home and family will help you to gain good health, spice up your relationship, improve child education, career growth, attract money and bring new opportunities in your life.

Our office vastu services designed to grow your business fast, get new opportunities in business and increase sales volume.

Our industry vastu services help you to increase production, turnover better growth and many more in your industry.

So, make you life easy and better contact our vastu consultant, feel better and live best life.

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